A must-read for prospective exhibitors at CEATEC 2022
Why People Choose CEATEC “the Comprehensive Exhibition of Society 5.0”

The people who gather at CEATEC,
both visitors and exhibitors,
are nothing but innovators
who create the society of the future.

  1. Reason 1

    People Choose CEATEC Because it’s a "Comprehensive Exhibition" with the Whole Society as its Theme

    CEATEC is a "comprehensive exhibition of Society 5.0" that encompasses all industries and sectors, showcasing the visions of companies and organizations and new business models in interdisciplinary fields for a future society that utilizes advanced technologies such as CPS/IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). CEATEC is a place to communicate the future of technology beyond the boundaries of industry.
    (Results from 2019)
  2. Reason 2

    People Choose CEATEC Because it’s Capable of Designing Opportunities for Co-Creation

    CEATEC brings together everything from the electronic components and devices that will support the future society of Society 5.0 to the products and services that will make use of them. Many cases of co-creation projects have already been launched as a result of exhibiting at CEATEC.
    (Results from 2019)
  3. Reason 3

    People Choose CEATEC Because it’s Where Influencers and Key Figures Gather

    Many key figures who are driving trends in a wide range of industries and sectors will gather at CEATEC. It is unique in that influencers come from a wide range of fields, including government and public offices, local governments, top executives from companies and organizations, start-ups and students. What they all share is the desire and ambition to create the society of the future. The event is widely used as a place to meet people.
    (Results from 2019)
  4. Reason 4

    People Choose CEATEC Because it Attracts Attention and Disseminates Information

    CEATEC is a focused event that attracts a wide range of press, including TV, newspapers, magazines, online media, and influencers. Recognized as an opportunity to identify future trends, CEATEC is not just an opportunity to announce new services and products, but also an opportunity to communicate the direction and ideas that your company is aiming for, including the vision and purpose for the future.
    (Results from 2019)

Points of Interest for 2022

  • We’re Returning to Makuhari Messe After a 3-year Break

    After two consecutive years of being held fully online in 2020 and 2021, CEATEC will be returning to Makuhari Messe for the first time in three years. The 2022 exhibition will be held at Makuhari Messe, a real exhibition venue, making it possible to create exhibits that appeal to "hands-on" experiences, in addition to online. This will provide an opportunity for networking with a wide range of people. We hope you will take advantage of the safe and secure Makuhari Messe venue, which is equipped with countermeasures against COVID-19.

  • Digital Garden City

    The "State Concept of Digital Garden City" aims to promote the implementation of digital technology from rural areas, create a new wave of innovation, and connect with the world. At CEATEC in 2022, a new area, the "Partners Park" will be set up to present diverse forms of co-creation and social visions under the theme of the Digital Garden City. We are looking forward to hearing from companies and organizations that are interested in participating as "partners" in the Partners Park, which is expected to attract great interest from the government, public offices, and local governments.

  • Wellbeing

    If "Society 5.0" is the future society that we should be aiming for, then "wellbeing" is what each of us should be aiming for.
    CEATEC aims to contribute to the affluence of society through technology, and this will have a significant impact on our future lifestyles. In addition to the technologies and solutions for realizing wellbeing, CEATEC is expected to provide new ideas about what kind of wellbeing the future lifestyles will bring about.

The Past and Future of CEATEC