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Next Generation Park(Startup & University)

An area where up-and-coming companies and educational institutions that will lead the next generation will showcase their technology and research results.


The Next Generation Park is an area for startup companies, universities, educational institutions, and new business development departments, including in-house ventures and accelerator programs, to market their products, technologies, and services, identify market needs, and find business partners.

Composition of the area

The Next Generation Park is an area for exhibiting startup companies from Japan and abroad, universities and educational institutions that aim to implement their research results in society, and new business development departments within companies. A Pitch Stage will be set up in the area where exhibiting companies/organizations can introduce their exhibits in a seminar format.

Pitch Stage A stage with seating for approximately 30 people where companies, partners, media, etc. can make their pitches.

Exhibitor Eligibility

  • Startup companies established less than 9 years ago (established after October 2015) that are aiming for growth
  • Universities and educational institutions aiming for social implementation of research results
  • New business development departments within companies (including in-house ventures/accelerator programs)

Purpose of participation

  • To get acquainted with potential customers
  • To showcase research results at companies and educational institutions
  • To find a company to co-create with in order to materialize a business idea
  • To exhibit a prototype of your product/service and see feedback and reactions from outside the company

Advantages and Features of Participation

  • High cost performance
    Reasonable exhibition fees are expected to attract a high number of visitors as only a planned exhibition can.
    Please use the exhibition as a venue for marketing your products, technologies, and services, understanding market needs, and finding business partners.
  • Efficient Exhibiting Activities
    Booths are packaged in a single package, and exhibitors with only one person in charge are welcome to exhibit.
    This is an efficient way to reduce the burden of setup and removal.

Booth Standards and Fees

Exhibit Fee

1booth JPY 143,000(including consumption tax)
2booth JPY 286,000(including consumption tax)
Group exhibitors (4 or more booths) JPY 143,000 per booth (including consumption tax)

Booth standard

  • Fixtures and equipment
    • Foundation wall
    • Display stand (height 900mm, lower storage)
    • High chair
    • Independent counter (shelf under the stand)
    • Primary trunk line installation and electricity usage (up to 500W free of charge) *
    • Two outlets (up to 500W in total)
    • Company name plate
    • Lighting (behind company name plate, one fluorescent lamp)

    The estimated power consumption is as follows. Separate application is required if power consumption exceeds 500W.
    (Reference figures) PC: 50W / Monitor: 300W

  • Exhibit tools
    • Exhibitor badges: 15 badges for 1 booth, 30 badges for 2 booths
    • Vehicle pass: 1 per company (application)

      Additional or reissued vehicle passes will not be accepted.

  • Shared Facilities
    • Stockroom

Booth location

Booth locations will be determined by the organizer. Exhibitors are not allowed to choose their own booth location.