Exhibition Composition

The CEATEC exhibition space is divided into six main areas.
There are "Partners Park", "Startup & University" according to the planning objectives and regulations, "Total Solution”,"Key Technology”, “Smart x Industry" for presenting solutions and products, business negotiations, and "Online".

Exhibit Areas

Areas Features Eligible Exhibitors / Exhibits
1 Partners Park “Co-creation” area to embody the future society of Society 5.0 with partners from all industries and sectors by setting original themes. Companies/organizations willing to manage (plan, decorate, organize participating companies/organizations, and operate) a "Co-creation" area where people, technology, and information from various industries and business sectors gather under a unique theme aimed at the realization of "Society 5.0”.
2 Total Solutions

An area for showcasing solutions and products for all industries geared toward the realization of Society 5.0.

  • We want to communicate our company-wide vision and new business model for Society 5.0.
  • We want to develop a comprehensive exhibition that cuts across sectors because our company is divided into multiple business sectors.
  • We want to exhibit our solutions in a new category that targets various industries.

… and more.

Total solution/products that support the realization of “Society 5.0”.

3 Key Technologies

An area for showcasing electronic components and devices, as well as diverse technologies such as software that support the realization Society 5.0.

  • We want to exhibit electronic components by application.
  • We want to exhibit content focused on a specific technology.
  • We want to exhibit devices and technologies for which the destination market has not yet been determined.

… and more.

Electronic components and devices, apparatus, AI and big data, 5G, cyber security, software and more

4 Smart x Industry

An area for showcasing innovative solutions and products that will revolutionize a specific field, industry or market.

  • We want to exhibit content specializing in smart mobility, such as connected cars and electric vehicles.
  • We want to exhibit content specializing in productivity improvement through the use of AI and IoT.
  • We want to exhibit content specializing in healthcare, such as telemedicine.

… and more.

  • Next-generation mobility
  • Next-generation lifestyle
  • Smart factory
  • Smart home

… and more.

5 Startup &

This is a planning area for showcasing domestic and international startup companies with a keen eye on the future as well as academic institutions aiming to implement their research results in society.

  • Growing startups in business for 9 years or less (established after Oct. 2013)
  • Academic institutions aiming for social implementation of research results
6 Online

In addition to collaborating with the exhibition booth at Makuhari Messe, it is possible to reach out to targets who were unable to attend the event due to distant work locations, or send out information as a follow-up.

All of the aforementioned companies and organizations are eligible for participation.


In addition to the keynote speeches, there will be sessions on topics such as 5G and digital garden city, as well as seminars on technology trends.