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An Exhibition that Instigates Business Trends

CEATEC JAPAN is an exhibition that insitigates new markets and business trends, in addition to its approaches to existing markets.

A Diversity of Visitors Who Create New Markets
With the keywords of CPS/IoT, CEATEC brings together around 130,000 people including business leaders, designers, engineers and researchers from a range of areas, not only the IT & electronics industries, but also from agriculture, healthcare, mobility and aerospace etc.
High Cost Performance
CEATEC JAPAN offers a wide range of exhibitor support services to suit various exhibitor needs.
Events that Garner Attention from Various Industries and Professions
Being at once a year event, CEATEC is highly anticipated by exhibitors and visitors for the wealth of information it brings together and it’s events that spearhead market trends and future potentials.
Attention from the International and Japanese Media
More than 1500 people from the press visit CEATEC JAPAN, and give the products and services on exhibit, the atmosphere of the show, and the latest industry information plenty of exposure. Hence, CEATEC enables publicity not only to its visitors, but also to stakeholders both inside and outside of Japan.

Anticipated Effects are…

  • Market creation
  • Development of new business
  • Branding
  • Promote alliances
  • Marketing
  • Market entry investigation

Efficient, wide-reaching PR activities from one venue, otherwise difficult to achieve with private shows, specialist exhibitions or on the Internet.

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