about Exhibition Regulations

1. Exhibitor Eligibility / Booth Details

1-1. Exhibitor eligibility

Companies/organizations involved with products or related businesses included in the following list are eligible to participate in CEATEC (hereinafter may be referred to as the Exhibition):

  1. IT & electronics equipment related
  2. Electronic parts, devices, materials, raw-materials, and apparatus related
  3. Broadcasting and information/ communications related
  4. Software and content related
  5. Automotive, mobility related
  6. Public infrastructure related
  7. Healthcare related
  8. Energy related
  9. Financial related
  10. Agricultural and forestry related
  11. Machinery manufacturing related
  12. Housing Construction, real estate related, developer business
  13. Trading company and wholesalers handling the businesses listed from 1. to 12.
  14. Logistics and transportation related
  15. Distribution and retailing related
  16. Apparel related
  17. Sporting related
  18. Tourism related
  19. Service related
  20. Media including newspaper, magazines, etc.
  21. Educational and research institutions and organizations
  22. Government organization, administrative corporations, public interest corporations, nonprofit public and industry organizations, public service-related companies
  23. Members of the three sponsors (JEITA, CIAJ, and CSAJ) are also eligible to participate.
  24. Other companies approved by the Organizing Committee (Refer to section 8-3. Organizing Committee)
  1. Advertising companies and other related agencies are not allowed to represent any company that exhibits products even if said products are included in the aforementioned list of eligible businesses or products.
  2. The CEATEC Organizing Committee (Refer to section 8-3. Organizing Committee) reserves the right to refuse applications from companies that have violated regulations at a previous show or whose activities may be considered detrimental to visitors and/or other exhibitors regardless of in prior to or after holding an exhibitor contract. In such case, paid booth fees will be refunded. (Refer to section 5-3. Exhibit application and contract agreement.)

1-2. Exhibit Areas

  1. CEATEC will be divided into the following exhibit areas.
    ■ Company/Organization Exhibits
    1. Total Solutions
    2. Smart X
    3. Devices & Technologies
    ■ Planned Exhibits
    1. Society 5.0 TOWN
    2. Co-Creation PARK

    Note: Application guidelines are different for each planning in the Planned Exhibits (Society 5.0 TOWN, and Co-Creation PARK

  2. An exhibitor can request a single zone or, if more than one booth is planned, multiple zones. If choosing multiple zones, please submit a copy of the Exhibition Application/Contract Form for each zone.
  3. Area composition will be decided based on the exhibition zones listed in the Exhibition Guidelines and Exhibitor Application/Contract Form.
    The composition and names of each area will be announced at a later date following the decision of the Organizing Committee.
    Please note that a area for which there is an insufficient number of exhibitors may be merged with another area.

2. Exhibit application and contract agreement

To apply for exhibition space, fill in the information required on the Exhibition Application Form, and submit the form to Japan Electronics Show Association, which is the CEATEC Management Office (hereinafter may be referred to as the Association). The Association will confirm its receipt of the application by e-mail.
The receipt date stated in this confirmation e-mail is regarded as a contract date, and exhibitors are liable for the participation fee.

  1. Send applications to

    CEATEC Management Office (Japan Electronics Show Association [JESA])
    5F Ote Center Bldg., 1-1-3 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
    TEL:+81-3-6212-5233 FAX: +81-3-6212-5226

  2. Start of acceptance of applications

    Tuesday, February 19, 2019 10:00a.m. (JST)

    Note: Application will not be accepted before the stated date/time.

  3. Application deadline

    Friday, April26, 2019

    Notes: Exhibition applications will be accepted, even after deadline, as long as there are booth spaces remaining.
    Please understand that the deadline may be earlier than above dates if the number of applications reaches its maximum.

  4. Submitting a company profile

    First-time exhibitors to the show are required to provide a company profile and catalog(s) of product(s) planned to be exhibited upon submission of the exhibit application/contract. And, if there are major changes made to the company profile or catalog(s) of product(s) planned to be exhibited after the exhibitor has submitted these documents, regardless of whether the exhibitor is first-time or returning, an updated profile and/or catalog(s) must again be submitted.
    Applications without these documents will be put on hold until the Association confirms the receipt of these items.

  5. Joint exhibitors with two or more

    Joint exhibitors should elect one "representative exhibitor" to handle payment of the booth spaces for all participating exhibitors. The Association will send a joint exhibit registration form to the representative exhibitor in July, who should fill it in and submit it to the Association.

  6. Refusal of application

    Applications from any persons involved in bankruptcy, composition, receivership, civil rehabilitation, or corporate reorganization proceedings, or persons who are suspended from current account transactions from financial institutions will not be accepted. Similarly, applications from any persons deemed by the Association to be involved in similar circumstances will not be accepted. If an exhibitor company is found to fall into one of the categories described above after the contract has been concluded, the contract will be voided and that company will not be permitted to exhibit. In such a case, participation fees paid by exhibitors will be refunded. If deemed necessary by the Association, an investigation or inquiry into the surrounding circumstances will be conducted.

3. Booth Fees, Standards, Specifications, and Description

3-1. Standard Booth [Company/Organization Exhibits]

3-1. 通常小間[Company/Organization Exhibits]

  1. Booth Fee The fees per Standard Booth space are as follow:
    General corporate exhibitors (standard rate) 396,000JPY (including consumption tax*)
    JEITA, CIAJ, and CSAJ members (member rate) 363,000JPY (including consumption tax*)

    Consumption tax rate effective at the time of the exhibition, October 2019, will be applied.

  2. Specifications for 1 to 18 booth spaces (1- to 4-row booths) with Standard Booth
    1. Dimensions:
      2,970 mm (W) x 2,970 mm (D)
    2. Specifications:
      For row booth exhibitors, system panels will be installed as back panels on the sides neighboring booths of other exhibitors. However, aisle-side system panels for corner booths and system panels for independent booths will not be installed.
  3. 20 or more booth spaces (Block booths)
    The standard for block booths is: 1 booth space = 9m². The floor will be marked in an area equal to (W:D) 2:1 or 1:1 based on the total floor space reserved (9m² x no. of booth spaces). The actual dimensions will be provided to exhibitors at booth allocation lot drawing. Please be sure to take into account when constructing the booth space to make it clear to visitors where the aisles and boundaries are, by installing carpets and the like. Group pavilions composed of 20 or more booths in 1-row or 2-row will apply booth specifications for 3-row/4-row booths.
  4. Booth height limitations
    Standard booth height is 2.7m; however, there are height limitations to booth walls as depicted below.

    1. 1-row booths (booths 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
      The allowable height of booth walls set back 1.0 m from the aisles and/or foundation panels will be 3.6 m.
    2. 2-row booths (booths 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)
      The allowable height of booth walls set back 1.0 m from the aisles and/or foundation panels will be 3.6 m.
    3. 3-row/4-row booths (booths 9, 12, 15, 16, 18)
      In the case of booths with 3 rows or 4 rows, the allowable height of booth walls set back 1.0 m from the aisles and/or foundation panels will be 6.0 m.
      Note: Group pavilions composed of 20 or more booth spaces in 1-row or 2-row will apply booth height requirements that are the same as those for 3-row or 4-row booths.
    4. 20 or more booth spaces
      The height limit is 6 m. Suspended structures less than 6.0 m high is permitted for block booths. The Building frame of the venue must be checked for the installation points for suspended structures.
      Note: When posting the company name for row booths exceeding 2.7 m wide, it is prohibited to post the company name on the neighboring booths side to avoid misunderstanding by visitors.
  5. If the height of exhibit product exceeds the height limit
    The height limit of exactly and decorations shall be as stated above. However, if the height exceeds the limit due to the nature of the exhibit, please submit the Application for Over-height Exhibits form and booth plan (floor plan & elevation view) to CEATEC Management Office, and obtain permission from the Organizing Committee. In such cases, exhibits are to be displayed within the bounds of your company’ s booth (setback 1 m from passageways and base paneling), and must not protrude into the space above passageways etc. Permission to exhibit will be granted for exhibits that exceed height limits depending on the materials used etc. Such decorations as company nameplate or product nameplate etc. are forbidden.

3-2. Small Package Booth [Company/Organization Exhibits]

  1. Booth Fee* Small package booth exhibitors may apply for up to two booths.
    One booth 187,000JPY (including consumption tax**)
    Two booths 374,000JPY (including consumption tax**)

    Includes a package of facilities.

    *Consumption tax rate effective at the time of the exhibition, October 2019, will be applied.

  2. Specifications for Small Package Booth
    1. Dimensions:
      1,980 mm (W) x 990 mm (D) x 2, 700 mm (H)
    2. Supplied facilities
      1. Foundation panel
      2. Display counter (975mm high with storage space)
      3. Parapet for posting company name (300mm width)
      4. Cutting sheet lettering for company name display
      5. Fluorescent light
      6. Electricity socket(single-phase 100V, up to 1kW output capacity)
      7. Electric consumption fee (Exhibitor can use up to 1kW of power at free of charge)

3-3. Planned Exhibits (Society 5.0 TOWN, Co-Creation PARK)

There is a different application procedure for each area. (Planned Exhibits

3-4. Booth Types

At CEATEC there are the following booth types: Standard, Small Package, and Planned Exhibits. Note that the billing statement will list “Exhibit Booth Fee” regardless of the booth type.

3-5. Number of Booth and Booth Type

Booth category Booth type Number of booths applied
Standard Booth 1-row 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

2-row 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

3-row 9, 12, 15, 18

4-row 16

Block format 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100
Small Package Booth 1-row 1, 2
  1. Exhibitors in rows may have booths of other exhibitors on one or three sides.
  2. Shared exhibit and/or industry organizational exhibits may apply for more than 100 booths.
  3. After the deadline for applications, the Organizing Committee will determine the layout of the show site. If the total space applied for exceeds the capacity of the site, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to determine an impartial method to reduce the number of booths applied for by exhibitors. The kind understanding of exhibitors on this matter is greatly appreciated.

3-6. Selection of Booth Position

  1. Selection of booth position
    Exhibitors can select booth positions from specified locations on a floor plan for booth selection, which is decided by the Organizing Committee. ‘Floor plan for booth selection’ will be sent to exhibitors from CEATEC Management Office starting the end of June (planned). Exhibitors will be able to choose their booth location at Session for selecting booth position, which will be held in July. Selections will be made in the order in which you submitted the application form on the website.

    Precautions for deciding booth positions

    1. Area/Zone composition will be carried out based on the exhibitor booth locations. Area/Zone composition will be determined by the Organizing Committee.
    2. The location of block booths may be decided first on a first-come-first-served basis before conducting Session for Selecting Booth Position, to secure visitor flow line and emergency evacuation flow line, as well as to ensure safety in transporting goods in and out of the venue.
    3. The booth allocation diagram might be altered even after booth positions have been decided. In this case, booths might be repositioned.
    4. Since exhibition applications are accepted by a first-come-first-served basis, the date and time of applications received by email or fax will be checked and managed in a fair manner; however if we receive two submissions at the exact same time, CEATEC Management Office will decide between the two exhibitors by considering exhibitor’s past results (the number of times participated and exhibit scale) and the status (whether the exhibitor is a member of one of the sponsor organizations).

  2. Spare booth spaces
    If booth spaces remain available on Friday, April 26th, the remaining spaces will be placed on the floor as spare booths. Exhibitors submitting applications after Saturday, April 27th must select booths from the spare booths specified on the booth allocation diagram after booth positions have been confirmed for exhibitors who applied before the deadline for Priority Acceptance of Applications. Spare booths will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. Fixed booth spaces
    The Organizing Committee has determined the following booth spaces to be fixed:
    1. Booths for Japan-related associations
    2. Booths for overseas cooperative organizations
  4. Utility booths will be setup in spare open spaces after the booth lot drawing is completed. However, exhibitors should be aware that further changes in booth allocation may occur due to exhibitor cancellations, reduction in booth spaces, etc.
  5. The Organizing Committee may specify the location of booth entrances for exhibitors applying for block booths in consideration of overall visitor flow.
  6. Changes to requested exhibition zones will not be accepted after the deadline for Priority Acceptance of Applications, which is Friday, April 26, 2019.

3-7. Expenses included in the booth fee

  1. Badges
    Exhibitor badge
    15 badges per booth space
    Worker badge
    5 badges per booth space

    Note: For additional Badges, refer to section 4-1. Expenses other than booth fee.

  2. Show Infomation Leafletss (Application required
    1 to 3 booths
    Up to 1,000
    4 to 8 booths
    Up to 2,500
    9 to 12 booths
    Up to 4,000
    15 to 20 booths
    Up to 6,000
    Each additional 5 booths
    Increase by 1,200

    Notes: For additional Show Infomation Leaflets, refer to section 4-1. Expenses other than booth fee. There is no need to apply for Show Infomation Leaflets included in the booth set for Planned Exhibits (Society 5.0 TOWN and Co-Creation PARK).

3-8. Payment of booth fees

Booth space payments are to be paid via electronic bank transfer according to the schedule below. The Association will issue an invoice and designate the bank account for remittance at this time. Checks and promissory notes are not acceptable as payment. Transfer fees are to be borne by the exhibitor.

Booth fee payment deadline
Friday, June 28,2019

3-9. Cancellation or reduction of the number of booths

If an exhibitor cancels or reduces the number of booth spaces applied for, regardless of the reason, some or all of the following cancellation fees will apply. Consumption tax will be added to all fees.

After Saturday, April 27, 2019
100% of booth fee

Cancellations or any other changes must be notified by sending a letter via post, fax, or email and will become valid on the day that the notification is delivered to the Association.

4. Expenses Other than Booth Fee

4-1. Expenses other than booth fee

  1. The following items and booth decorations other than base panels are not included in the booth fee:
    Primary power source construction cost
    Electric consumption fee
    11,000JPY/kW (including consumption tax*)
    Overtime working hours fee
    11,000JPY//hour (including consumption tax*)
    Extra exhibitor badges (for those exceeding 15 per booth) Applied before September 27 (Fri) 1,650JPY/ badge (including consumption tax*)
    Purchased at the venue 3,300JPY/ badge (including consumption tax*)
    Extra worker badges (for those exceeding 5 per booth) 550JPY/ badge (including consumption tax*)
    Extra Show Infomation Leaflets
    (In excess of the number of aforementioned free leafletss)
    330JPY/ leaflet (including consumption tax*)
    (Material: OPP film/Size: W 120 mm x L 235 mm ; for sending Show Information Leaflets)
    22JPY/ envelope (including consumption tax*)

    Consumption tax rate effective at the time of the exhibition, October 2019, will be applied.

  2. Utility booth (Separate application required)
    When using the space internally, for storage and break room, etc.
    220,000JPY/ booth(including consumption tax*)

    Consumption tax rate effective at the time of the exhibition, October 2019, will be applied.

    Note: Owing to space limitations, there may be a maximum availability per exhibitor (or per zone if an exhibitor is exhibiting in multiple zones).
    Apply for the utility booth supplied in the Exhibition Guide, which will be distributed at a later date.

    1. Specifications
      2,970 mm (W) x 2,970 mm (D) x 2,700 mm (H)
    2. Fixtures per
      Utility booth System panel walls, A door with lock, 2 fluorescent lights, 1 electrical outlet with 800 w output
    3. Locations
      Utility booths will be located in the exhibition hall area near the booths, as determined by the Organizing Committee. Because exhibition space is limited, some utility booths may have to be located outside of the exhibition halls.
  3. Others
    Separate applications are required and charges will be levied for advertisement menus, promotion menus, and other rental items such as lighting and carpets, as well as for gas and water usage. Also, additional fees may arise owing to the regulations relating to booth design, or exhibitors requests. Details will be announced in the Exhibition Manual, which will be distributed at a later date.

4-2. Payment other than booth fee

Booth space payments are to be paid via electronic bank transfer according to the schedule below. Checks and promissory notes are not acceptable as payment. Bank transfer fees are to be borne by the exhibitor. Designated bank account for remittance will be announced at the time of billing and billing source will be announced in the Exhibition Manual, which will be distributed at a later date.

Deadline for the payment other than booth fee
Friday, December 27, 2019
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