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Company/Organization Exhibits

Exhibitors can choose their exhibit size ranging from 1 to 100 booths. Exhibitors should apply for the optimal number of booths to meet their requirements. There is also a Small Package Booth for exhibitors needing less than two booths; this includes an exhibit stand and other necessary amenities. Exhibitors can choose from three areas:Total Solutions, Smart X, and Devices & Technologies.

01Total Solutions

This area is for showcasing solutions and products geared toward the realization of Society 5.0.
Recommended for exhibitors who want to:
  • Announce their corporate vision and/or new business model geared toward Society 5.0
  • Organize a comprehensive exhibit that involves two or more departments within their company
  • Exhibit new solutions (for which there is no established category) targeting diverse industries, etc.

02Smart X

This area is for showcasing innovative solutions and products that will revolutionize a specific industry.
Recommended for exhibitors who want to:
  • Exhibit content focused on smart mobility, such as connected car and EVs
  • Exhibit content focused on smart factories, such as factory sensors and M2M
  • Exhibit content focused on smart energy, etc.

03Devices & Technologies

This area is for showcasing electronic components, devices and soft wares, as well as diverse technologies that support the realization of Society 5.0.
Recommended for exhibitors who want to:
  • Exhibit electronic components for certain applications
  • Exhibit content focused on a specific technology
  • Exhibit devices and technologies for which there is not yet any specific target, etc.

Planned Exhibits

Exhibitors who can go along with the proposed planning can participate in this area. Unlike Companies/Organizations Exhibits, exhibitors should note that participants are limited due to various restrictions of the project.

04Society 5.0 TOWN

This is a planned exhibit area for co-developing a “2030 township” with the participation of several firm in the service industry.
Society 5.0 TOWN, a planned exhibit in 2019 originally derived from the NEXT Street in 2015, and IoT Town between 2016 and 2018. The concept of IoT Town “experiencing and disseminating the future” further developed to co-create a town is what Society 5.0 TOWN is about.
Multiple participating partner companies will cooperate to cocreate “town” of the near future.
Eligible Exhibitor
  • The frontrunner companies/organizations in the service (nonmanufacturing) industry whose business operations target individuals.
    Please apply for details.

05Co-Creation PARK

Co-Creation PARK is a planned area that includes multiple pavilions of overseas organizations as well as domestic and foreign startup companies with a keen eye on the future. Startup & University Area, which was a sponsor-planned area until 2018, will be incorporated into the Co-Creation PARK.
Eligible Exhibitor
  • Growing startups in business for less than 9 years (established after October 2010)
  • Universities and educational institutions aiming for social implementation of research results
  • Overseas organizations (foreign embassies in Japan, etc.)
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