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Exhibition Theme

Connecting Society,Creating the Future

With today’s changing essence of ‘things’, the “Internet of Things’ (IoT)” is coming into existence and bringing with it new value by networking things equipped with connection functions and processing capabilities. Based on the concept to collect a wide-ranging data from IoT and feedback analyzed results in the real world through cyber physical systems (CPS), CPS/IoT will bring about major changes to conventional industrial structures and business models, and to societies themselves, through the creation of new value in all kinds of industries.
Against this backdrop, CEATEC JAPAN will be held under the theme “Connecting Society, Creating the Future” to inspire co-creation among people and businesses.

CEATEC is Reborn.

The emergence of CPS/IoT will bring new transformations to industries. With improvements to data drive and sensor technologies, data not only for text, images and video but also for diverse aspects of lifestyles, businesses and society in general will become “informatized.” While the collection and analysis of data expand the scope of lifestyles and remove the fences between industries and around the world, the role that Japan will play in all of this is also of major significance. Hence, as a comprehensive cutting-edge IT and electronics exhibition, CEATEC JAPAN will reconfigure itself as a forum for co-creation of a new future with the further deepening of connections with CPS/IoT in society.


Digital Disruption in the Photo Apps & Sharing Market
The consumer photo printing market is changing before our eyes. In the last couple of years the traditional digital and film print market has seen, a yearly, double digit decline. In 2015, the consumer photo print market in Western Europe fell, in value terms, by 4.7%. Conversely, today we see it stabilise through digital disruption, in the positive sense.
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