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Creating the Future

Linkage that Energizes “Venue” for Creation
and Planning for Special Exhibits

Special Exhibit by the Sponsor – IoT Town

Japan has the world’s largest megacity. However, it also has a range of social issues with an aging population and low birth rate, the environment and energy, disaster prevention and safety, medical and healthcare. The question is how to develop and manage society and the lives of people in the face of such a mountain of problems. In order to tackle these issues, not only cutting-edge technology will play a role here, but also creation of a “forum” where multiple players with intention can think about the future together is indispensable. Bringing together the intelligence of a range of companies, the sponsor’s special IoT Town exhibition will offer proposals for new “forms of towns” from Japan.

Partnering with IoT-related Associations to Bring About New Innovations

As CPS/IoT Exhibition where new values are created, IoT-related associations will partner around the IoT Promotion Consortium, and will announce initiatives for the development and verification of technologies, and the generation of new business models etc. through the CEATEC JAPAN venue. Also, there will be specially planned exhibits focusing on neural networks, Agent approach technologies, autonomous driving, distribution robots & drones, service & industrial robots, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Finding the Seeds of Business Innovation

CEATEC JAPAN aims to prepare the ground to bring together wide ranging industries, overseas businesses, and startups to create business. Participation from businesses that the public does not usually have contact with, such as those in agriculture, apparel, aerospace and startups, and the opportunity to see and feel CPS/IoT is also one of the big attractions of CEATEC JAPAN. In 2016, the “Venture & University Area” will also feature, enabling visitors to feel the potential for social transformation through budding new players.

business Link

With the keywords of “business opportunity creation,” “technology and information exchange,” “proposals for social issue solutions,” and “discovering companies and industrial activity,” the period between the day before the exhibition, October 3 (Monday) and October 7 (Friday) will be positioned as CEATEC Week, during which many events are planned to promote business exchange (business links) with executives from Japan and around the world, engineers, and persons involved in government etc.

CEATEC JAPAN 2016 Measures/ Plans to Entice Visitors

Business users Professionals involved with business creation gathering together

  • Database Initiatives
    Using the CEATEC JAPAN database, in which there are many users registered who are sensitive to new markets and trends, interest in visiting the exhibition will be heightened by delivering the latest information in a timely manner.
  • Enticing Visitors through Sponsor Programs
    By announcing the latest trends in CPS/IoT through special exhibits and conferences with strong messaging, CEATEC JAPAN attracts professionals from a wide range of industries and areas of specialty. “Business Link” interaction events will be held with targets set for each day of the exhibition.
  • Enticing Visitors from Overseas
    United States Department of Commerce International Trade Administration TRADE FAIR CERTIFICATION PROGRAM
    CEATEC JAPAN attracts visitors from overseas through its global and Asian Partners and offers opportunities to create business. Delegations from overseas are also enticed to the show through the sponsor organization counterparts. Furthermore, CEATEC JAPAN is an event certified by the United States Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, Trade Fair Certification Program.
  • The Use of Social Networking Services (SNS)
    Announcing the latest information in real time, through the official website and by partnering with the exhibitor SNS to proactively communicate with users and spread the latest information to them.
  • Information Announcements on the Official Website
    Boasting about 3.9 million views, the official website’s exposure will be fully utilized. Proactive online as well in the lead up to the event, CEATEC JAPAN posts information on its website about exhibitor highlights, special exhibits, conference information and videos in a timely manner.

Media Publicity in Japan and overseas through media linkages

  • Publicity Through Media Partners
    Wide ranging publicity through specialty magazines and web media partnering promises to evoke visitors. Also, PR and exposure are reinforced through media tie-ups to suit the content of plans.
    • Conference/seminar plans
    • Tie-up special exhibits
    • Tie-up advertising specials
    メディアパートナー ロゴ
  • Enticing Media from in Japan and Overseas
    CEATEC JAPAN is proactive in attracting coverage from both Japan and overseas by the broadcast media (TV etc.), communications companies, newspapers, magazines and web services to drive publicity. Notably, this entails a special media tour by invitation held for leading international media organizations. There is also a press conference and Media Convention held on Oct 3, the day before to the opening, for persons involved in the media and press.