2015/10/7-2015/10/1010:00-17:00 at Makuhari messe


"Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition " CEATEC JAPAN 2015 Pre-registration Open! & Conference preceding attend reservation start!

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Oct. 6 (Tue) Media Convention
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  • Key Technology Stage

    As an “exhibition showcasing the world’s leading electronic components and devices”, this stage will portray high-performance electronic components/devices, power sources, raw materials, and related technologies that support innovation in various industries and fields.
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  • NEXT Innovation Area

    Platform creation using IT/electronics has been realized through “Smartification”. This area will propose new lifestyles and socio-styles as well as business solutions of the near future that will be connected through diverse industries.
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  • Lifestyle & Society Stage

    Leading-edge technologies that support tomorrow’s lifestyles and society. This stage will show technologies, products, and services that will make our lifestyles more prosperous and seamlessly convenient.
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  • Conference

    Keynote and guest speeches where industry leaders deliver keynote address.
    Attention managers and executives – sessions on 2020 related (Tokyo Olympics), space venture related, and ITC industry trends.
    Businesspersons, R&D and engineers don’t miss this opportunity! Conferences of over 100 attractive sessions.
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White-Label Tablet Sales Continue to Outpace the Market
According to the latest Worldwide Tablet Report from Futuresource Consulting the emergence of low-cost Android devices are causing a dilution of Apple's market share. The introduction of lower-priced iPads, and the aggressive PC brand pricing strategy has made the average tablet price fall dramatically between 2010 and 2014.
Panelists including journalists and experts will judge and present a variety of awards in recognition of the most excellent products and services on exhibit.

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