about Planned Exhibits Co-Creation PARK

Planned Exhibits Co-Creation PARK

Global Area for Next-gen Frontrunners

Co-Creation PARK is a planned area that includes multiple pavilions of overseas organizations as well as domestic and foreign startup companies with a keen eye on the future. The Startup & University Area (for domestic startup firms and academic institutions), and the Co-Creation Park (for overseas startups and foreign organizations) were separate sponsor-planned areas until 2018; in 2019 they are being combined into the new Co-Creation PARK.

Planning Concept

This area is intended for startups and academic organizations as well as overseas organizations to market products, technologies, and services; to uncover market needs; and to find business partners.


Co-Creation PARK will include two zones – the Startup & University Zone, and the Global Pavilion Zone. We will provide presentation stages and meeting spaces that will be made available for events confined to this area, such as networking.
  • Pitch StagesFor each stage there will be seating capacity for about 30 persons. An exhibitor can use this to pitch messages targeting companies, business partners, and media.
  • Networking EventsNetworking events between participants and with other CEATEC exhibitors are planned.
  • Meeting SpacesPrivate meeting rooms will be provided. Such spaces will be convenient for business talks.
  • Startup & University ZoneThis exhibit zone is for startups and universities.

Eligible Exhibitors

  • Growing startups whom are in business for less than 9 years (established after October 2010)
  • Universities and educational institutions aiming for social implementation of research results

Participation Benefits and Features

  • High cost-performance
    Exhibitor can expect to attract more visitors unique to the exhibition at a reasonable booth fee. Please use the opportunity for marketing products, technology and services, grasping market needs, and discovering business partners.
  • Effective exhibition activities
    The booth in this area is packaged, and we welcome the participation of an exhibitor having only one person in charge. Because booth installation and removal are easy, it is highly efficient.

Booth Fee Full time stay at the booth is not mandatory, but there is no daily fee.

One booth 132,000JPY(including consumption tax*)
Two booths 264,000JPY(including consumption tax*)
*Consumption tax rate effective at the time of the exhibition, October 2019, will be applied.

Booth Specifications

  • Facilities and amenities included in the booth
    • Foundation panel
    • Display counter (1,000 mm high with lockable storage space)
    • Stool
    • Signboard with company name
    • Two electricity sockets (up to 500W output capacity)
    • Lighting
    • A4-sized whiteboard
    • Wi-Fi connection
  • Set of tools included in the booth fee
    • Exhibitor badges: 15 badges per booth
    • Invitations: 1,000 Note: Application is not necessary for the fixed number of tools
    • Vehicle passes: 1 per exhibitor (application required) Note: Additional or reissuance of vehicle pass is not accepted.

Decision of Booth Position

The Organizer will decide the booth position. Please note that exhibitors cannot choose the booth position for Planned Exhibits.

Global Pavilion Zone

Eligible Exhibitors

Overseas organization (e.g. foreign embassies in Japan, overseas business organizations, etc.)

Booth Fee/Specifications

Exhibitors will be supported from the planning stage. Please consult CEATEC Management Office.

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