about Planned Exhibits Society 5.0 TOWN

Planned Exhibits Society 5.0 TOWN

Become a partner and co-create a “2030 township”

Society 5.0 TOWN is a planned area for developing a “2030 township” at the exhibition venue with the participation of several firms, mainly frontrunners in the service industry. Society 5.0 envisions a future society where people, things, and information are variously and freely connected so that people can live, work, and play more actively. This requires nothing less than co-creation using the leading-edge technologies of many different industries and businesses. Join us in creating the role model township of the future so that visitors may experience the next-gen society and appreciate how our lives will evolve through Society 5.0.

Planning Concept

What Society 5.0 will be realizing is a town of the future, set in the year 2030. There people will enjoy convenience and security thanks to IoT, big data, AI-based information services, and advanced automatic control systems. Included will be such urban utilities as energy, transportation, infrastructure, and disaster prevention; commercial services such as distribution and retail; and other services such as medical treatment, entertainment and lifelong learning opportunities. The Co-Creation Zone will offer practical ideas for this future society, which will come into being thanks to co-creation based on the technologies and knowhow of many industries and businesses.


Society 5.0 TOWN will include two zones. The Co-Creation Zone is where multiple participating firms will co-create, while the Individual Enterprise Zone is where exhibits by participating exhibitors will be organized.
  • Co-Creation Zone: Cooperative exhibition zone where several participating companies co-create
  • Individual Enterprise Zone: A special exhibition zone for individual participating companies

Eligible Participants

Participation is limited to frontrunner companies/organizations in the service (non-manufacturing) industry whose business operations target individuals. However, joint participation with another company/organization such as an electronics manufacturer is also possible. Please apply for information.
Examples of industry that can participate
  • Distribution/Retail (supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, drug stores, clothing shops, etc.)
  • Transportation (air, land, railway, taxi, etc.)
  • Energy (electricity, gas, petroleum, etc.)
  • Construction (housing, etc.)
  • Finance (banks, securities, life insurance, property & casualty insurance, etc.)
  • Tourism/Entertainment (travel, hotels, leisure, gaming, etc.)
  • Media (newspaper, TV, etc.)
  • Medical/Healthcare (hospitals, gyms, etc.)
  • Education (school, private tutoring, childcare, etc.)
  • Others (expressways, security services, ceremonial services, etc.)

Participation Fee/Standards

Participation fee: 2,200,000JPY(including consumption tax*) *Consumption tax rate effective at the time of the exhibition, October 2019, will be applied.
Expenses included in the participation fee:
  • Dedicated space of more than 3 booths (27m2) in the Individual Enterprise Zone
  • Publicity and PR activities support by the sponsors
  • Eligibility to participate in reception/networking events and venue tour
    Note: Exhibition expenses at dedicated space in the Individual Enterprise Zone are not included in the participation fee. Expenses such as booth decoration fee, transporting exhibit goods, hiring of management staff, electricity fee will be charged separately.

Decision of Booth Position

The Organizer will decide the booth position. Please note that exhibitors cannot choose the booth position for Planned Exhibits.

Flow After Applying for Participation

  1. The Organizer will decide if the applicant is an eligible participant based on the content of the application.
  2. Meeting will be setup as needed with selected exhibitors (company or organization).
  3. A kickoff meeting of co-exhibitors in the Co-Creation Zone is scheduled around mid May.
  • Society 5.0 TOWN is CEATEC sponsor-planned exhibit. Companies/organizations assent to the planning objectives may apply to participate however there are certain conditions. Consider exhibiting at other exhibition method, if an exhibitor does not fit the criteria and not chosen as a participant.
  • Due to the nature of the project, we urge that those who will be in charge of developing the Co-Creation Zone as one of the participating exhibitor should be someone who is in charge of open innovation and co-creation business at his/her company or organization. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
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