10/3 - 10/610:00-17:00 at Makuhari messe

The CEATEC INNOVATION AWARDS, "As Selected by U.S. Journalists"Health and Household

Health and Household

OMRON Corporation

Omron’s “Family View”


Ask any technology professional and he or she will tell you that the future is the Internet of Things. We imagine a world in which our everyday things are connected, giving us feedback, and making our lives more convenient, productive, and even more healthy.
Omron’s “Family View” – Kazoku Mesen – combines a cleverly-designed HD camera, facial recognition software technology, and ultra-minimized sensors for body-temperature fluctuations to create a complete picture of a family’s health status. Not only is the technology available today, but it is also affordable.
On this trip, I’ve been keeping in touch with my cat Sparky via a streaming camera. It’s added a layer of comfort to being so far away from my little friend. I now can imagine a future in which I could know if he’s eating well, feeling well, and not terribly mad at me for being away for so long.

It’s also worth noting that “Family Eye” is designed in a manner that would be welcomed in any home complete with kid-friendly faces and fun options. This helps turn what could be seen as an imposing technology into a cute, friendly part of the family.

We only wish we could use it in the United States. We’ll wait patiently.

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