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The CEATEC INNOVATION AWARDS, "As Selected by U.S. Journalists"Grand-Prix / Smart community

Grand Prix

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Technologies Supporting Tsunami Radar Monitoring


Choosing one product among so many great ones is almost impossible - I say almost, because in the end, technology is here to make our life better, and safer.
Saving one life would make any research worth it, but systems that could save thousands of lives are certainly deserving of recognition. Japan has always been at the forefront of tsunami research, but the whole world will benefit from it.
In a unanimous vote, we have decided to give the grand prize to Mitsubishi Electric for its early tsunami alert system.

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Smart community


Mitsubishi Electric’s High Frequent Ocean Surface Radar improved the visibility and the estimation of tsunami’s height by using new procedures and analysis.
The technology will be available for business and local governments within this fiscal year.
According to the Japan Society of Civil Engineers, oceanographic radars can observe currents on ocean surfaces for up to 50 kilometers offshore, while conventional radars can observe currents and wave for only 20 kilometers.
The speed of tsunamis can reach 195km/h at 300 meters average sea depth, so a tsunami of 50km offshore can reach the coast in 10-12 minutes. If people living close to the coast are warned before they actually see tsunami, Mitsubishi’s technology can be a significant life saving.

We, the judges selected Mitsubishi’s High Frequency Ocean Surface Rader as a winner of Smart Community category, because disaster prevention is the one of the most crucial areas that technology can contribute to. Mitsubishi’s technology can be used in any country that are threatened by tsunami and that have hazardous facilities such as nuclear power plants in coast area.

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