2015/10/7-2015/10/1010:00-17:00 at Makuhari messe

Exhibit InformationFujitsu Limited

Fujitsu Limited

1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-7123,Japan
Lifestyle & Society Stage
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Company Introduction

Human Centric Innovation in Action
As all sorts of information on people, things, and environments are converted to digital form,and as we enter the Internet of Things era, in which a wide variety of services are deliveredthrough networks, vast changes are coming to individuals, companies, and society.
At the Fujitsu Booth, we will introduce human-centric advanced technologies and solutions that,while improving the richness and comfort of people’s lives,enable co-creation that transcends industry boundaries.

Exhibiting Products

Exhibiting Products 1


User Interface Technology that Converts Entire Rooms into Digital Spaces

Instead of on small screens, information in smart devices can be displayed and shared on large space such as walls and tables with intuitive operations.
Materials brought into room can be shared on large format so that information can be easily organized when people are brainstorming or collaborating.

Exhibiting Products 2


LED Lighting Technology Connecting Objects and Information

Fujitsu has developed a technology to obtain ID information from objects illuminated by light. This light is embedded with ID information invisible to human eyes, projected onto the objects via LED
This technology enables end-users to obtain information attached to objects by simply holding smartphones or other smart devices close. Information providers can guide end-users directly to targeted information.Fujitsu is working to commercialize this technology by the end of FY2015.

Exhibiting Products 3


Participatory Communication Tool for the Hearing Impaired

Because this technology makes real-time information sharing possible by using speech recognition to turn speech to text and instantly transfer it to a hearing impaired person’s laptop, it makes communication easy in situations such as meetings.*1
Furthermore, by supporting hearing impaired users’ speech – not only through voice recognition input, but also through text input from a laptop, and through a list of set phrases and a selection of emoticon stamps – this technology makes smooth bi-directional communication possible.