Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find reference on exhibiting at CEATEC JAPAN.
Go to the Download References page via "Download" button on the top left inside the website. You can also fill out the Inquiry Form or call us at the Management Office.


Which area shall we exhibit in?
Please go over the List of categories to be Exhibited inside the Exhibition Application Form to select an appropriate area containing the item you plan to exhibit. If you have more than one product for exhibition, we recommend that you select an area for the product you want to PR the most. Exhibitor Application Form may be obtained from the Download References page via "Download" button, calling us at the Management Office, or fill out the online Inquiry Form.
What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Exhibitor Applications?
Booth locations for primary exhibition applicants are decided ahead of those for secondary exhibition applicants, which gives the primary applicants the advantage of securing better locations for their booths. Blocks of booths for exhibition space (20 or more booths) will be decided by exhibitor selection or lottery, or rows of booths (1~18 booths) will be decided by exhibitor lottery.
Can I specify my company's booth location?
It isn't possible to specify booth locations in advance, although booth lottery and assignment take into account the date of application. Therefore, it will be easier to secure a desired booth location by submitting applications early. Please submit applications by the primary cut-off date on April 30 (Thursday).
When is the booth location decided?
Booth location will be decided when the Exhibitor's Briefing & Booth Allocation Lottery takes place at the end of June.
Do you accept temporary application?
No, We are afraid we cannot accept temporary application. Please apply when you decide to exhibit.
A group of companies wants to make a joint exhibition.
Select a "representative exhibitor company" who will be responsible to apply and pay the booth fee. The list of exhibitors in the group can be included as a part of exhibitor information by filling in a joint participation registration form with exhibitor names, which can be obtained from the Exhibitor Site announced after applying.
How can I conduct a seminar?
We are seeking Conference Sponsors, who can participate in CEATEC JAPAN through conferences. Please contact the management office for details. If you are an exhibitor, you are eligible to hold seminars free of charge at special stage setup inside the exhibition halls.
What costs are associated with exhibiting?
Initial costs associated with exhibiting only include booth fees, but do not normally included costs for booth furnishings, equipment and electricity. We recommend budgeting for electric and at least some amount of furnishings and equipment. Please consult with the Management Office regarding details of costs associated with exhibiting. Consultation is available by phone or via the Inquiry Form.
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