2015 Exhibition GuideAdvantages

  1. Promote product and technology sales
  2. Garner new customers
  3. Engage in PR and raise company profile (branding)
  4. Market products
  5. HR development
Including people involved in the IT and electronics industries, a wide range of visitors come to CEATEC JAPAN to get the latest info on future businesses.
About 50% of all visitors to the show are from the IT and electronics industries, while other visitors include people from the automotive, car electronics, medical and healthcare, and energy manufacturing industries, as well as people from government offices, schools, researchers and educational institutions, all of whom come to the exhibition to get the most up-to-date information.
CEATEC JAPAN brings together many specialists directly involved with technological and product developments as well as many involved in related business and management. Roughly 80% of exhibitors responded that the show had been instrumental in enabling business consultations leading to contracts and agreements.
About 30% of visitors to CEATEC JAPAN are key engineers involved in technological and product development, as well as production and manufacturing. In addition, about 10% of visitors to the exhibition include corporate executives, as well as many managers and administrators responsible for business management and activities.
One of the most dominant features of CEATEC JAPAN is its information dissemination capability and its ability to influence society. Each year, many people involved in media come from within Japan and around the world to cover the exhibition.
CEATEC JAPAN attracts roughly 2,000 media workers who cover the exhibition for domestic and international television, newspapers, magazines, and web publications. More and more time for CEATEC JAPAN is given over to television broadcasts, with increasing publication in newspapers, magazines and on the web, resulting in ever more influence on society year-on-year.

Getting the most out of CEATEC JAPAN

We ask exhibitors to please consider exhibits under one of the key words of "information exchange," "interaction," "announcements," or "new products/new technologies," and clarify the purpose of your exhibit to achieve the objectives of "products/technology sales promotion (pioneering business)," "Garnering new customers," "engaging in PR and raising company profile (branding)," or "product marketing."

This means being aware of how to exchange information with a diversity of visitors, and taking steps to develop information before, during and after the event to more effectively engage in dialogue directly with them.
InteractionEffectively make use of this once-a-year opportunity where people in the business and industry meet up and interact under one roof.
AnnouncementsUse CEATEC JAPAN's unique capability for information dissemination by developing and engaging in strategic activities prior to the event
New Products /
New Technologies
Consolidate new technologies and products for the exhibition, and be proactive in disseminating information.

Exhibits at CEATEC JAPAN are not just limited to booth exhibitions ― the effects and achievements of exhibits are publicized in 3 stages ― before, during and after the show. By exhibiting at CEATEC JAPAN, your company will have access to a wide range of exhibitor services.

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