2015 Exhibition GuideStages / Categories

Painting the picture with IT and electronics 2020 Lifestyles

Lifestyle & Society Stage

Providing opportunities to present “new lifestyles” from Japan, Lifestyle & Society Stage will offer hands-on user experience and near future lifestyle scenes that embody more fulfilled living, safe and secure societies, and solutions in an era of falling birth rates and ageing populations.

Products to be exhibited
  • Information & Communications Equipment/Mobile Devices
  • Communication Networking related
  • AV & Entertainment related
  • IoT solutions, computer software and services
  • Security related
  • Automotive and Mobility related
  • Robotics related
  • Environment & Energy related
  • Health care related
  • Home Appliances
  • Social systems & leading-edge technology
  • Other
Target Visitors

CEATEC aims to strategically entice IT and electronics core users and resellers who are at the forefront of spreading and developing IT and electronics, to expand the number of business users in the smart fields, and to attract diverse light users such as students and women.

  • Core users, resellers
  • Business users in other smart-related industries
  • Digitally interested consumer group (heavy user group)
  • Female users who are highly influential on product purchasing, and students who will be responsible for the next generation (light user group)
  • Media to cover the exhibition
  • Government and related agencies, local government bodies, embassies in Japan, senior corporate management with decision-making authority

Creating with IT and electronics Innovating to 2020

Exhibition of industry leading-edge electronic components and devices Key Technologies Stage

Key Technologies Stage will provide opportunities to present the spread of IT and electronics through society, and the contributions they make to advancements in a variety of industries and endeavors, and will present proposals to drive crossover among different industries for the creation of new markets and societal transformations.

Products to be exhibited
  • Passive components
  • Connecting components
  • Transducers
  • Power source
  • High-frequency parts related
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Display Devices
  • Batteries
  • Materials & Electronic Materials related
  • Devices
  • Electronic Circuit related
  • Social systems & leading-edge technology
  • Other
Target Visitors

CEATEC will be engaging in activities to attract specialists and business visitors including engineers, product development supervisors, purchasing officers and visitors involved in or interested in the energy, car electronics and mobility, medical and healthcare fields.

  • Electronic manufacturers
    (design, product planning, R&D, purchasing, management)
  • Automotive, electronic device, and automotive device manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of medical and healthcare-related equipment
  • Energy-related equipment makers
  • International users (Asian set makers, major EMS companies, automotive companies, agencies and trading companies)
  • Media for coverage (Industry specializing and technology related media)
  • Government and related agencies, local government bodies, embassies in Japan, senior management with decision-making authority
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