2015 Exhibition Guide

Exhibition Theme

NEXT- Today’s Dreams, Future Realities

Since the year 2000, CEATEC JAPAN has been presenting the achievements of advanced IT and electronics to the world, and offering society proposals for new products, services and contents. Meanwhile, Japan has shifted into top gear in the run up to the year 2020, and its human aspirations are the driving force behind this movement. Looking back, these human aspirations and dreams have also brought about innovations in IT and electronics.
While convergence continues across a wide range of industries such as the automotive, medical, and robotics, it’s the mission of CEATEC JAPAN to propose an exciting future and enable visitors to get a feel of it while creating opportunities for next-generation businesses. Thus, as a comprehensive exhibition, CEATEC JAPAN 2015 will bring together competing innovation capabilities, propose the new "NEXT" and work towards realizing new businesses in a future imagined by people.

A place for the state-of-the-art
By aiming for the further development of lifestyles, societies, economies and culture through broad use of information communications technology (ICT), and by providing a venue where people can experience the latest technologies, products, systems and software under one roof, the show will help to aim for the growth of IT & electronics industries.
Hailing from Japan & Asia
As the largest disseminator of information on IT and electronics in Asia, CEATEC JAPAN provides the world with information on their latest achievements and trends and globally promotes technical excellence in these fields.
Convergence aims for growth and revolution in lifestyles and society through merging of a wide range of industries such as mobility, energy, and health care with the IT and electronics industries, and promotes contribution to society and the further development of industries by uniting related businesses and posing questions to society.
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