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Seven Bluetooth SIG member companies display their latest Bluetooth products

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Accompanying the increase in functionality of cellular and PHS phones, Bluetooth is now used for hands-free telephone calls and for information transfer between cellular phones of the same type and between cellular telephones and Bluetooth-compatible mobile devices. The exhibit booth featured the latest wearable devices, smart home equipment, beacons, health and fitness devices, and speakers, allowing visitors to try these devices out for themselves.

Display product – 1

MyBeacon® Pro close proximity model MB004A

The “MyBeacon®” series from the Aplix Corporation allows users to experience new social infrastructure that utilizes beacons, a market that is expanding rapidly in Japan and around the world.
Beacons are a technology that notifies smart phones with information automatically when Bluetooth is detected, and are seen as a promising new solution for a wide range of services such as 020, position information, and tour and display guidance.
The “MyBeacon® Pro close proximity model MB004A” is a close proximity-only device that can receive only those Beacons that are used in applications in adjacent equipment, etc. Radio reception is limited to a minimum distance of approximately 15 cm and to a maximum distance of approximately 2 m, minimizing interference. This means that it is possible to receive only information from the closest location in environments where there are multiple beacons installed in adjacent locations, such as in art galleries, museums, exhibition venues, and on product shelving in stores.

Working demonstrations using “hubea”

The Aplix Corporation booth also features a working demonstration what allows visitors to utilize the “hubea” application, which is intended for use with MyBeacon®, and aimed at foreign visitors to Japan. Hubea allows users to display information on their cellular phones in the language they set. Using Aplix technology, Japanese menus in restaurants can be displayed in other languages, and additionally, it is possible to add displays of photographs and allergy information, etc. concerning the food customers want to order. With the Tokyo Olympics coming in 2020, this is the first step to breaking down the language barrier.

■ Display product – 2

Member company Elecom, Co. Ltd. is exhibiting some eye catching products. These Bluetooth stereo speakers feature a capsule-style design and are fully wireless, allowing them to be placed in completely separate locations to the left and right. Compact, and offering high sound quality, at present they can be used at maximum volume for three hours, and powerful enough to allow users to enjoy their sound in a 15-square meter living room. They can also be used while charging. While other makers outside Japan are beginning production, Elecom is aiming to begin sales as a Japanese maker around January next year.

These compact monaural Bluetooth speakers that fit in the palm of the hand also merit attention. They offer 360 degree monaural sound that allows users to enjoy music no matter where they are placed in a room. Elecom says that if two are used together they will detect the distance between them and act as stereo speakers. It is hoped that they will be sold with a chic, “unspeaker-like” design. Elecom is proceeding with plans to begin sales of these products in January.

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