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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. displays a portable inverter box that makes “traveling power plants” a reality

Category : NEXT Innovation Plaza

”Create, Use, Connect”

External connections are made using connectors conforming to the CHAdeMO international standard.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd is displaying a “Portable Inverter Box” that makes it possible to supply power from a fuel cell vehicle. An inverter is a circuit that creates alternating current from direct current (or the reverse).

Honda Motor Co., Ltd supplies many portable power generators under the Honda brand, for which inverters are required circuits. The portable inverter box on display is an arranged version of optional external power supply inverter for the Accord Hybrid.

The company has chosen “Create, Use, Connect” as the concept of exhibit. Using this inverter, customers can connect fuel cell vehicles to their home or community, and the vehicles can supply up to a maximum output of 9kW of alternating current 100V or 200V electricity, functioning as a traveling power plant.

At CEATEC JAPAN, Honda is display charming characters such as “Hydrogen Boy” to raise awareness of the company’s initiatives towards a hydrogen society.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
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