CEATEC JAPAN 2014 10.7(Tue)- 10.11(sat)makuhari messe



Nippon Electric Glass introduced their latest technological advances in 6 distinct categories, including ZERO, their zero expansion glass

Category : Key Technology Stage

Introducing the thinnest glass in the world: 30μm (0.03mm, one third the thickness of a sheet of paper)

ZERO, a zero expansion glass, can be produced in sheet or block form

Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (NEG) has developed ZERO, a zero expansion glass, which is capable of minimal fluctuation in size and positioning due to changes in ambient temperature. ZERO can be produced in sheet or block form, and is ideal for any component where absolute stability in the presence of heat is a requirement.

At the booth, NEG exhibited the Ultra Thin Glass Laminated on Resin product called Lamion® and the Ultra Thin Glass called G-Leaf®, which garnered a lot of attention as the two products have been honored with the Semi Grand Prix award in the Technology and Innovation category of CEATEC AWARD 2014.

Lamion® is an ultra thin glass layer that is laminated on resin. Lamion® has all the positive characteristics of glass, being both abrasion resistant and an effective gas barrier, in addition to enjoying the benefits of resin, being lightweight and flexible – and the result is a game-changing material. By bringing together glass and resin, fields and purposes that were not suitable for glass or resin alone as a material are all potential areas where Lamion® can be used. Furthermore, Lamion® can also be layered onto many different types of functional membrane, such as ITO, anti-reflection, anti-glare and anti-soiling, etc.

Measuring 30μm thick (or 0.03mm, one third the thickness of a sheet of paper), G-Leaf® is the world’s thinnest glass panel – produced here as a roll of glass film – and possesses the same outstanding functionality and reliable of glass. The potential uses for this glass film, in ultra-thin displays, flexible OLED panels, touch sensors and wearable tech etc. is really exciting.

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