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Fujitsu Proposing customer promotions that make shopping more fun for everyone

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Delivering a bespoke promotion for each individual customer

The bespoke promotion for individual customers being demonstrated at the CEATEC Fujitsu booth

Fujitsu has developed a motion sensor that is capable of detecting individual customer traits, such as their gender and approximate age, so in-store promotions can be tailored to their specific needs and requirements, making shopping a more convenient and enjoyable experience.

The motion sensors are able to instantly detect the individual customer’s gender and approximate age, which then triggers the in-store displays to feature product information that is appropriate to their needs. It is hoped that this will drive the customer’s desire to make a purchase and promote in-store sales.

For customers who are browsing the products displayed on the shelves in the store, the promotional information will be tailored to the set of products that they are browsing. Each time a customer visits the store they will receive information that is of most interest and relevance to them. Customers who have an interest in a specific product can receive information such as images, customer feedback, etc. in real time. Again, it is hoped that this will drive the customer’s desire to make a purchase.

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