CEATEC JAPAN 2014 10.7(Tue)- 10.11(sat)makuhari messe

Exhibition Venue Information

NEXT Innovation Plaza

Creating a “smart” platform from electronics and information & communication technologies – the NEXT Innovation Plaza presents a vision of a future society, a new social model made possible by such a smart platform.
Crucial to organizing the NEXT Innovation Plaza has been the close cooperation of relevant government ministries/agencies and representatives of the IT/electronics industry. Support has also been provided by key players in the medical/healthcare, automotive/transportation and energy fields. As a result, visitors will be able to see the tangible benefits of numerous innovations that together provide a picture of society in the near future.

Open Stage

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the Open Stage will feature presentations given by exhibitor and venture companies on a wide variety of topics. Open Stage will also host award ceremonies for each category of the CEATEC AWARD 2014 as well as the CEATEC Innovation Awards “as selected by US Journalists”.
We hope you enjoy the new information disseminated at CEATEC JAPAN. Please go to the official website for the latest information about the stage.

Exhibition Hall 4
Don’t miss the advantages of Open Stage!
  • A place where you can quickly get highly topical information that is useful for business.
  • A place essential for catching the latest trends in exhibitor companies and highlights
  • Including Saturday, the stage will host presentations and panel discussions featuring venture companies revitalizing Japan.
  • The usual NE Theater will also be presenting latest trends (with assistance from Nikkei BP)

NEXT Innovation Plaza  Newly-established Area

  • Venture AreaNEW

    Coming Soon!!

  • University AreaNEW

    Coming Soon!!

NEXT Innovation Plaza    Special Exhibits/Projects

  • Digital Healthcare Plaza

    Personal Connected Health Alliance
    Exhibition Hall 4
  • CSAJ Software Innovation Plaza
    Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ)
    Exhibition Hall 4
  • Cloud Computing PlazaOct. 7 – 10

    The cloud computing plaza will introduce the cloud in a number of different fields and in an easy-to-understand way, including energy-saving DC composition, smart device application and deployment management, business systems, and statistics utilization systems etc.

    Cloud Business Alliance (CBA)
    Exhibition Hall 4
  • Chamber of Commerce Business SquareOct. 7 – 10

    The Chamber of Commerce Business Square will introduce products, technologies, and services of its members.

    Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and others
    Exhibition Hall 4
  • Programmable Device PlazaspanOct. 7 – 10

    As if invincible, programmable devices continue to advance. This presentation will introduce cutting-edge technologies from programmable device design to achieve application expansion through to mounting technologies and so on.

    Programmable Device Committee
    Exhibition Hall 4

NEXT Innovation Plaza News


  • EV, HEV, PHV, FCV, electric-assisted bicycles, next-generation vehicles; network services, ITS, telematics, car navigation, PND, automotive computers, in-car networking systems; batteries, energy systems; smart mobility social systems, environment-related technologies, safety-related technologies; automotive semiconductors, sensors; related products, parts, materials, technologies, software, etc.
  • Humanoid robots, communication robots, service robots, autonomous transportation robots, lifestyle-support robots, autonomous mobile robots, other related robots; control technologies, applied systems; related solutions, parts, software, etc.
  • Wearable terminals; related products, software applications, parts, technologies, etc.
Data Management
  • Automatic data analysis and database creation; food production, logistics, smart shopping, POS systems, IC & RFID, cash registers, vending machines, data management platforms, cloud & data storage, centralized hosting, etc.
  • Energy storage (backup for home use), energy saving (energy-saving appliances), smart houses (smart meters), HEMS, PLCs, energy generation (photovoltaic solar cells, fuel cells for the home), home appliances, lighting, designer electronics, interiors, content, services, etc.
  • Medical devices for the home, brain machine interface (BMI), health-care equipment, fitness/wellbeing-related equipment, remote medical systems, medical information systems; related terminals, products, parts, materials, technologies, software, etc.
Software & Content
  • Software, smart education, home-schooling systems, e-publishing sources, audio/video content, streaming, etc.
Security & Surveillance
  • Disaster preparedness and crime prevention; monitoring of the elderly, children, and pets; wireless communications, surveys, tracking; public infrastructure; emergency response systems, etc.
  • Futuresource Consulting