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Visible RFID SmartCard

The world's first, RFID and e-paper coupled "Visible RFID"

AIOI SYSTEMS CO., LTD.(Ota-ku, Tokyo, CEO Kiyoshi Tada) , a developing, manufacturing and selling company of manufacturing and logistics support systems, will exhibit RFID and e-paper-coupled "Visible RFID" Smart Tags and Smart Cards.

《Product Name》
"Visible RFID" Smart Tag Smart Card

《RFID tag itself can make data visible》
The existing RFID tag can automatically recognize ID with electric wave, but it does not have a display. Data in the tag can become visible only through a display connected with a special RFID reader. Electronic paper display on Smart Tag/Card can make the data visible.

《Advantage of Visible RFID tag》
Instead of using paper or plastic labels or seals which need printers and printing, using Smart Tags/Cards can reduce environmental load by saving energy. Smart Tag/Card, as a system device which will open up a new era of automatic recognition systems, is beginning to be used in various business fields.

《Spreading use for improving efficiency》
Smart Tags/Cards are attached to various moving/returnable containers and given such information as part name/code, product name/code, kitting name/code, product lot code, manufacturing lot number, loading truck number/code, store name/code as display data. You can use those pieces of informaton as visible data together with RFID automatic recognition in manufacturing or logistic processes for improvement of work efficiency.
These pieces of information in the tag or card are easily rewritten, which does not generate any waste such as disposal of paper /plastic labels or Kanban. In addition, Smart Tags/Cards are used in toilet cleaning management, equipment maintenance management and from a vewpoint of personal information protection in visitor card systems, or as health check instruction or medication instruction cards in the medical field.


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