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Developed a tool for surveys targeted toward non-Japanese.

QR Translator, a multilingual support solution, has developed a tool for surveys targeted toward non-Japanese.
Release of "Multilingual Survey" (tentative name) which can be executed more simply at a low price.

PIJIN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company), offering "QR Translator", a tool to easily manage multilingual content authoring and updates, will be releasing "Multilingual Survey" (tentative name) as a survey service with which surveys targeting non-Japanese can be easily executed.

Our company has developed a service that can be provided at a lower price than ever before, adopting a more simple flow to perform series of tasks, such as creating multilingual survey sheets and web survey pages (in the event of a web survey) and calculating and translating multilingual responses, all of which was an obstacle for taking surveys of non-Japanese.
It has already been used for surveys conducted by numerous local governments and private companies during its trial period. As our company has experience creating environmental fittings such as signboards and pamphlets for visitors from overseas, we became able to conduct surveys to serve as a base for various projects.
In addition, we plan to release as optional services, arrangement of necessary foreign staff to conduct street surveys, verification of trial tours and promotional projects, test marketing of transnational e-commerce, and A/B testing for overseas visitors.

In the future, in cooperation with businesses who analyze big data and offer data bases, we strive to grow our services to meet the needs of our clients further still, a one-stop shop for the PDCA cycle, from planning to execution and verification, growing into a company which can offer services supporting the development of all kinds of businesses.

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