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Industrial Equipment & Energy Zone

[Main products and technologies on display]
● HVDC systems Power film capacitors
● Bidirectional DC-DC converter
● Surface treatment,disinfection CeraPlas
● Large neodymium magnets
● Aluminum electrolytic & film capacitors
● Reactors
● Circuit protection devices (varistors, arrestors)
● Bidirectional DC-DC converters and charger units for large batteries, etc.

Exhibiting Products 2

Automobile Zone

[Main products and technologies on display]
● TMR angle sensors
● Position sensors
● Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) Transponder coil
● Various other sensors (position, current, temperature, rotation, exhaust pressure)
● Magnets (ferrite, neodymium)
● Automotive DC-DC converters & chargers
● Wireless power transfer systems
● High-reliability passive components (capacitors, inductors, filters), etc.

Exhibiting Products 3

ICT Zone

[Main products and technologies on display]
● Semiconductor Embedded Substrate (SESUB)
● Lens actuator for camera modules
● Wireless power transfer coil
● 3 in 1 MEMS sensor
● HDD magnetic heads
● Distributed power supply systems
● Thin film electronic components (capacitors, filters)
● Lithium ion polymer batteries, etc.




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