Why many of those involved in the planning are frontrunners,
blazing a path to a future co-created at CEATEC?

  • 01It is Future-oriented comprehensive exhibition.

    CEATEC is a comprehensive exhibition for Society 5.0 that includes all industries and business categories. The ultimate goal is a society of the future that makes full use of advanced technologies such as CPS/IoT, robots and AI. Innovative business models will be announced, embodying the bold vision and close collaboration of enterprises and organizations.
    CEATEC is the venue for lifting the curtain on a future driven by technologies that transcend the traditional industrial and business categories.

  • 02It inspires co-creation.

    Based on the theme of “Connecting Society, Co-creating the Future,” CEATEC brings together in one place not only all the electronic components and devices required to support Society 5.0, the society of the future, but also all products, services and solutions that will depend on those components. CEATEC assures an environment where it is easy to develop new relationships – not only with visitors but also with other exhibitors – and also to start new businesses.

  • 03It attracts key individuals.

    This event brings together over 150,000 individuals involved in setting trends for all industries and business categories. In addition to top officials and chief executives in government and government agencies, enterprises and industry groups, CEATEC attracts a large number of visitors, representing a wide cross-section of society and including the students who will build the future.
    Be sure to make the most of this exceptional opportunity to meet new partners in co-creation and seek out talented human resources.

  • 04It is ideal for broadcasting your message.

    CEATEC enjoys a high profile in the media, attracting more than 1,000 members of the press from Japan and overseas. It is acknowledged as an event that offers unique opportunities to discern future trends.
    In addition to announcements of new products and services, CEATEC is considered an ideal venue for announcing visions and plans of the future.

What You Can Do at CEATEC 2020 ONLINE

  1. 01
    Real-time Communications
    Real-time Communications

    Functions such as live streaming and real-time chat will be offered to enable real-time communications between exhibitors and visitors.

  2. 02
    Approaches Targeting Across Japan and Abroad
    Approaches Targeting Across Japan and Abroad

    It is possible to approach targets who were interested in attending CEATEC – like those who couldn’t attend in the past for reasons of distance, or those from other countries. Also, in addition to past visitors of up to 260,000, through our sponsors and partners we will proactively attract domestic and international stakeholders who have not been able to come to the event in the past.

  3. 03
    Offering efficient and speedy follow-up
    Offering efficient and speedy follow-up

    List of visitors to your booth can be obtained at any time from a dedicated page.
    Because the system is also equipped with a report function that allows exhibitors to confirm each visitor’s viewing and behavioral histories, it can be used as a tool for analysis and to acquire a list of potential customers, as well as to conduct follow-up after the event.

Advantages of CEATEC 2020 ONLINE

  1. A tool that can be used over the years
    A tool that can be used over the years

    CEATEC 2020 ONLINE can be used over time as the elemental tool of CEATEC that will effectively connect exhibitors and visitors before, during and after the exhibition takes place.

  2. Low-cost Participation
    Low-cost Participation

    With CEATEC ONLINE, exhibitors can publish their promotional materials in the original format. without having to change the format. In addition, exhibitors can distribute videos by simply registering the URLs of videos posted on YouTube and other sites on the CEATEC 2020 ONLINE, so exhibitors can expect to link with the company YouTube channel and increase the number of channel subscriptions.

CEATEC 2019 Results

The number of visitors

The number of exhibitors


visitors Profile

PRESS Profile

After revamping to a CPS/IoT Exhibition, CEATEC has attracted new visitors and sparked new interest and expectations.
The purpose of visit has shifted to a clearer direction.
Visitors time spent increased
30%+ visitors are newcomers

In aiming to realize Society 5.0, companies working on change by utilizing innovative technologies or exhibitors providing innovative technologies are increasing each year.

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