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We'd like to request some literature on exhibiting.
You can request an exhibitors reference pamphlet from the link on this website, via Inquiry Form, or call us directly at the CEATEC Management Office.

Inquiry Form

Exhibitors Reference (PDF)

Application, Payment, and Fees

We would like to know how to apply for CEATEC.
Exhibitors can apply online from the website.
Follow the link to access the website and apply by filling in the required fields in the Exhibit Application Form.
Please note that we only accept applications online; do not submit in person, send by postal mail, fax or e-mail.
Booth position will be decided on a first-come-first-served basis as we receive the exhibit application forms.
What if we apply before 10:00AM on February 19th?
We regret not being able to accept applications after the said date/time.
When is the last day to cancel the application to exhibit?
Consult for exhibit cancellation if an exhibitor has to cancel its application owing to inevitable reasons. However please note that a full (100%) cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made after Saturday, April 27th.
When is the last day to change the exhibition area and/or number of booths?
Exhibitors may change their application criteria up until April 27th. As a general rule, requests to change exhibit zone(s) are not accepted on and after April 28th. There is no specific deadline for changing the number of booths. However please be aware of the following:
  1. We may not be able to fulfil your requirements in changing to the desired number of booths, depending on the timing of receiving your request.
  2. It may not be possible to change to the desired number of booths in the designated booth position after the booth position has been decided.
  3. If an exhibitor requests to reduce the number of booths after Saturday, April 27th, the exhibitor will be charged for 100% of the reduced booths as an application cancellation fee (Consumption tax will be applied for the cancellation fee).
We would like to know about billing.
Statement of invoice for the booth fee will be issued and sent to the exhibitor starting in April 2019. The payment is due on or before Friday, June 28th. Electricity and other utilities, if applicable, will be billed after the end of the exhibition.
Do you offer tentative applications for exhibit?
Because we accept applications on a first-come-first-served basis, it is hard for us to accept "tentative" applications, however we are open to consultations and negotiations. Consultation is available according to the timing and circumstances of the situation.
Is there a way to apply after the deadline of priority acceptance period (Friday, April 26th)?
Yes, we will continue to accept applications on and after April 27th as long as there are booth spaces remaining after booth positions have been confirmed for exhibitors who applied during the priority acceptance period. Those exhibitors applying in the later phase can choose booth positions from the remaining booth spaces specified by the CEATEC Management Office on a first-come-first-served basis.
How much does it cost to exhibit at CEATEC?
Fee charged to the exhibitor is only the booth fee, however standard exhibit booth fee does not include electricity or equipment fees; thus it is recommended that you estimate the cost of equipment and electricity separate from the booth fee.
Consult the CEATEC Management Office or cooperative company for details on expenses for exhibition.
We want to co-exhibit with multiple firms.
Co-exhibit is possible. After applying, use the specified format for co-exhibitor registration to list both companies/organizations in the List of Exhibitors.
Details on co-exhibitor registration format will be announced during Exhibitors Briefing/Session for selecting booth position, which is scheduled to be held at the beginning of July.
For co-exhibit, in principle, choose a representative company responsible for applying, paying for booth fee, and submitting forms. Please consult CEATEC Management Office if co-exhibitors need to divide their billing into two or more for some reason.

Exhibition Area

Which area should we exhibit in?
Exhibitor can choose an exhibit area as desired.
It is possible for a company to exhibit in multiple areas however it is necessary to submit a separate application form for each exhibit area.
We would like to talk with an expert to decide on the exhibit area that suits us best.
Select the exhibit area with the exhibition content your company/organization wants to appeal most. It is also possible to setup a booth in each area. If you want to consult on this matter, please feel free to contact CEATEC Management Office.

Inquiry Form

Booth Position and Shape

Can we specify the position of our booth?
At CEATEC, we do not perform invitation activities to encourage exhibition, since all exhibitors can specify the exhibit position as desired. To get the most out of the booth position, we urge all exhibitors to send in their exhibit application form as early as possible since exhibitors are eligible to choose booth positions on a first-come-first-served basis after submitting the exhibition form.
Also, as a general rule, the booth position will be determined after Exhibition Application Form/Contract forms are accepted by CEATEC Management Office.
When will the booth position be decided?
Exhibitors will be selecting their desired booth positions within the range of areas specified by the CEATEC Management Office during the Exhibitors Briefing/ Session for Selecting Booth Position, which is scheduled to be held at the beginning of July. Order of selection, which will be announced by area and booth number on that day, will follow the order in which the exhibition application form was received. We do not disclose any information regarding the order of selection of booth position.
Is the number of booths allocated for each area decided before the session for selecting booth position?
The location of block booths (20 booths or more) may be decided first on a first-come-first-served basis before conducting the Session for Selecting Booth Position, to secure a smooth path for visitor flow and emergency evacuation, as well as to ensure safety in transporting goods in and out of the venue.
We would like to know the shape and specifications of the standard booth.
Area of a single standard booth is approximately 9 square meters, and the specifications are as follows. Please refer to section 3. Booth Fees, Standards, Specifications, and Description for details of basic specifications. 
  1. Row booths
    Supplied accessories: Back wall panel, side wall panels, and booth number plate

    Row booths

  2. Corner booths
    Supplied accessories: Back wall panel, side wall panel<*, and booth number plate
    *Aisle-side wall panel for corner booths, and system panels for independent booths, will not be installed.

    Corner booths

  3. Independent booths
    Accessories: None (even accessories such as carpeting are not included)

    Independent booths

Advertising Menus

Can we consult on exhibition, display, and public relations?
Yes, please consult with CEATEC Management Office.
Can we hold a seminar session?
Exhibitors can apply for a Conference Room that allows participation in conferences at CEATEC without the need for a booth. Please refer to the CEATEC 2019 Exhibition Guide for details. Also, a special venue inside the exhibition halls where exhibitors can hold seminars (about 50 max. capacity per session) is being planned for 2019 exhibitors. Details will be announced during Exhibitors Briefing/Session for Selecting Booth Position, which is scheduled to be held at the beginning of July. Please note that the number of spaces available for the special seminar is limited, and it will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
When will you begin accepting conference room reservations?
Application of 1-Day session for both M Plan and S Plan will be accepted from Tuesday, February 19th. Application for a session will be accepted from Monday, April 1st. Please refer to the CEATEC 2019 Exhibition Guidefor details.

Planned Exhibits

How are "startups" defined for exhibiting at the Startup & University Zone inside the Co-Creation PARK?
Startup is defined as growing enterprises/organizations that are in business for less than 9 years (established after October 2010).
Do you have to be a part of the service industry to exhibit inside the Society 5.0 TOWN ?
Main target exhibitors are frontrunner companies/organizations or co-exhibit including the applicable companies/organization in the service (non-manufacturing) industry whose business targets individuals. However if you are interested in exhibiting in this area, please consult the Society 5.0 TOWN Management Office at since eligibility may depend on the exhibit content.


When can we start installation?
Exhibitor signing up for block booths (20 or more booths) can start installation from 8:00AM on Saturday, October 12th because larger decorations and equipment are expected for such exhibitors; the rest of exhibitors may start installation from noon on Saturday, October 12th (planned).
Can you introduce us to companies for decorating the booth and for hiring staffs?
Yes, we will announce the details at Exhibitors Briefing/Session for Selecting Booth Position, which is scheduled to be held at the beginning of July. Other services that are efficient and reasonable will also be introduced including accommodations, boxed lunches, catering, courier services and more.
What is the number of expected visitors?
We are expecting 150,000 or more visitors this year.
We want to learn more about it.
Contact the CEATEC Management Office by filling out the Inquiry Form or calling us. Our staff will get back to you with details.

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