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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find reference on exhibiting at CEATEC JAPAN?
Go to the Download References page via "Download" button on our website.
You can also fill out the Inquiry Form or call us at the CEATEC JAPAN Management Office.

Inquiry Form

Can applications be submitted personally at 10:00 a.m. on February 20th?
Applications for first-come, first-serve allotments will only be accepted via online, fax, and/or email (attachment) submission.
Applications handed-in personally will not be counted for first-come, first-serve allotments.
Can applications be submitted before 10:00 a.m. February 20th (JST)?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications in advance and all early applications will be discarded.
Please tell me more about applying online.
Applications can be made via the form available on the CEATEC JAPAN official website and will be accepted as with other applications starting 10:00 a.m. on February 20th (Tue. JST). Simply click the submit button on or after the aforementioned date/time but be forewarned that online application forms submitted before 10:00 a.m. February 20th will not be accepted and will be discarded.
Of the three ways to submit applications (online, fax, or email), will any one of these be given priority over the other?
Many applications are expected to be received on the first submission day. But generally speaking, first-come, first-serve allotments will be decided in the order that the applications are received on 10:00 a.m., February 20th (Tue.) by the Management Office.
When is the deadline to cancel or reduce the number of booth spaces applied in standard area?
After Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 100% of the booth fee will apply as the cancellation fee if an exhibitor cancels or reduces the number of booth spaces applied for in standard area. Consumption tax will be added to all fees.
When is the deadline to change the requested exhibit zone or the number of booths?
It is possible to make changes until April 27 (JST). And as a general rule, changing exhibit zone will not be accepted after April 27th.
Regarding the deadline for changing the number of booths, we do not determine the deadline but please kindly be aware of the following.
  1. According to the date of your changed, there is a possibility that we could not provide your desired booth location.
  2. By the case, we could not provide your desired booth numbers with same location after we determined the booth location map.
  3. After May 1st, if you reduce the number of booth spaces applied for, regardless of the reason, some or all of the following cancellation fees will apply. (Consumption tax will be added to all fees.)

Inquiry Form

When can we receive the invoice of booth fee?
We will start to issue invoices for booth fee from the end of April. And the deadline of the payment is Friday, June 29, 2018, for exhibitors which applied until the deadline for priority applications (Friday, April 27, 2018).
Please inform us as to when we will be billed and when payment has to be made after applying.
You will receive an invoice statement after your application is confirmed and exhibition booth fees will need to be paid between April and Friday, July 29, 2018. Other fees such as electricity, etc. that can only be calculated after the exhibition has concluded will be billed to you at a later date. For any other requests and/or questions, please contact the CEATEC JAPAN Management Office.

Inquiry Form

Do you accept temporary application?
In order to we accepted the application form on a first-come-first-served basis, we could not formally receive the temporary application but we would like consider it by your consider situation and timing. If you have a possibility for exhibit, please tentatively contact us.
Can we apply after the Deadlines for Priority Applications (April, 27th).
The applying is possible. But exhibitors submitting applications after Saturday, April 28th must select booths from the spare booths specified on the booth allocation diagram after booth positions have been confirms for exhibitors who applied before the deadline for Priority Applications. Spare booths will be allocated a first-come-first-served basis.
A group of companies wants to make a joint exhibition.
It is possible to do it. After applying, please fill in a joint participation form with exhibitor names for showing the names on exhibitors list, which can be obtained from the Exhibitor Site announced in July.
Furthermore select a "representative exhibitor company" who will be responsible to apply, pay the booth fee, and submit the joint participation form. If you hope to separate the payment for two or more companies, please tell us.
What costs are associated with exhibiting?
Initial costs associated with exhibiting only include booth fees, but do not normally included costs for booth furnishings, equipment and electricity. We recommend budgeting for electric and at least some amount of furnishings and equipment. Please consult with the CEATEC JAPAN Management Office regarding details of costs associated with exhibiting. Consultation is available by phone or via the Inquiry Form.

Inquiry Form

I want to apply for per sq m.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept of applying per sq m. We only accept per booth in Standard booth (about 9sq m/per booth) or Small package booth (about per 4sq m/per booth).
Which zone shall we fill in on the application form?
Please choose it at your convenience. And one company could exhibit in zones more than 1zone but please send the application form in each zone.
We wish to get more information in advance on which exhibit zone is best suited for our diverse range of products applicable to different zones.
It is recommended that you select the appropriate zone for your most important product. You also have the opportunity to establish a number of booths in specific zones for other products. Further questions will be answered personally if you contact the CEATEC JAPAN Management Office directly for details.

Inquiry Form

What is the difference between in meaning Exhibit Zone and Exhibit Area?
Exhibit zones you chose in the application will not be Exhibit Areas because these are just categories for applying. The Areas composition would be carried out based on the situation of exhibitor applications by CEATEC JAPAN organizing committee.
Can I specify my company's booth location?
In CEATEC JAPAN, we are not trying to attract exhibitors to allow to select booth location before they apply in principle. By your applying at yours earliest convenience, it would be easily to select your desired booth location because exhibitors could do it in order of reception of exhibitor applications.
Furthermore, your booth location will be decided after we received your application form.
When is the booth location decided?
In the beginning of July, we have a schedule to hold "the Session for selecting Booth Position". Then we would like to show you the booth allocation diagram for selecting your desired booth location in order of reception of exhibitor applicants. In the case the exhibitor could not attend the session, we would ask their desired booth location in advance and we will select instead of them in following the order in the session. Regarding the order, we could not inform you before the session.
Please tell the details of size and specifications for standard booth
In standard booth, per booth size is about 3m×3m=9sq m. About the installed specifications, it is depend on booth allocation by following the pictures below. (Please refer the Exhibition Regulations 2. Booth Fees, Standards, Specifications, and Description.)
  1. Row Booth
    Specifications :
    Back wall panel, Side wall panel on the sides neighboring booths of other exhibitors, Booth number plate.

  2. Corner Booth
    Specifications :
    Back wall panel, Side wall panel on the sides neighboring booths of other exhibitors, and Booth number plate. (Aisle-side panels will be not installed)

  3. Independent Booth
    Specifications :
    None (Only space)

    ※The floor carpet and other any tools are not installed on the booth. Exhibitors could order to rental fixtures for booth decoration by the order form with referring exhibitor manual which we will inform the exhibitors later.

Are there any new promotional tools this year that were not available last year?
This year, we will again be introducing a wide range of promotional tools. If you have any other requests for promotional items, please contact the CEATEC JAPAN Management Office.
How can I conduct a seminar?
We are seeking Conference Sponsors, who can participate in CEATEC JAPAN through conferences. Please refer to "conference sponsor" or contact the CEATEC JAPAN management office for details. If you are an exhibitor in CEATEC JAPAN 2018, you are eligible to hold seminars free of charge at special stage setup inside the exhibition halls.

Inquiry Form

When can exhibitors start booth installation?
Booth installation schedules are as follows: Block booths (more than 20 booths) that require large-scale work, decorations, etc. can start from 8:00a.m.on October 13 (Fri.). All other booths can start installation from 12:00 p.m. on October 13 (Sat.).
Will companies that can assist exhibitors with booth decorations staffing/assistants, etc. be made available by the Management Office?
Yes. The details for the aforementioned requests will be announced at the exhibitor orientation scheduled to be held in July. However, even before July, advice and consultations on advantageous services such as accommodations, staff lunches, catering, and delivery services, etc. will be available by contacting the Management Office.
How can I order booth decoration and some furniture?
If you will order it to our cooperated company, please refer exhibitor manual which can be obtained from the Exhibitor Site announced in July. Conversely, it is possible that you will order it other companies for booth decoration services directory.
When shall I enter Japan?
It depend on the booth size or plan of decoration, but at the latest, we recommend you to enter japan by the day before open the event with considering flight delays.
I'm the exhibitor. Please tell me how to enter Japan. (About VISA)
Excluding a special case, we will issue the documents to apply for VISA to short-term stay in Japan. (Please note: There is a possibility that we cannot issue it depend on the situation. Please be sure to contact us about it before you apply for.)
If you need VISA to enter japan, please confirm Embassy of Japan in your country how to apply for the VISA before you apply to us.
I have a plan to visit CEATEC JAPAN 2018 as a visitor. Please tell me how to enter Japan. (About VISA)
Unfortunately, we are terribly sorry that we cannot issue the document to apply for the VISA if you need it to enter Japan.
How many visitors are you expecting at this year's exhibition?
We are anticipating more than 150,000 visitors this year, exceeding the number of last year's exhibition.