Exhibition guide CEATEC Business Support Tools

CEATEC Business Support Tools

CEATEC offers support tools to let exhibitors take effective communications with visitors.

Service Content

Note: Service content, specifications, and price may change as the tool is under development. Please refer the Exhibition Manual (available after July) for details and how to apply for the services.

  • Premium Use of Business Matching Tool

    55,000JPY (including consumption tax)

    In addition to a function that can search for a visitor to request an appointment, this tool also features a number of interesting features such as to reserve a meeting space inside the venue and use of appointment management screen.

  • Provision of Behavior Analysis Report

    110,000JPY (including consumption tax)

    Behavior analysis will be conducted using beacons that will be setup inside the venue. A report that includes visitor behaviors, statistics and location data will be delivered.

  • Rental ExhibitorPlus Devices

    First device:
    33,000JPY(including consumption tax)
    Additional devices:
    22,000JPY/device (including consumption tax)

    A device installed with a software called ExhibitorPlus will be rented out, featuring visitor QR code reading function, which can be used on- or off-line. Read-in visitor data can be checked in real time, and the whole data will be delivered to the exhibitor after the exhibition closes.

  • Issuance of Premium Pass

    First pass:
    5,500JPY(including consumption tax)
    Additional passes:
    3,300JPY/pass(including consumption tax)

    Premium Pass can be made available for exhibitors’ VIP customers that comes with VIP services such as usage of lounge, cloak for listening to conferences, etc. The exhibitor will be notified by email when the VIP customer who has the pass arrives at the venue.

  • Push Notification of Official App

    110JPY/notification (including consumption tax)

    Visitors who have installed the official app into their smartphone can make use of Push Notifications.

  • News Distribution Function to Official App

    Exhibitor can send news releases using Push Notification to visitors who have the official app installed after the exhibition ends.

Packaged Plan

Packaged plan that includes the aforementioned services will be made available.

Basic Package 220,000JPY (including consumption tax)
Premium Package 550,000JPY (including consumption tax)
Basic Premium
Premium use of Business Matching Tool Yes Yes
Behavioral Analysis Report Yes Yes
Rental ExhibitorPlus device (Visitor QR code reader) One devices Four devices
Premium Pass 10 40
Push notifications to Official App 100 notifications 500 notifications
Visitor arrival notifications Yes Yes
News distribution to Official App Yes Yes
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