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Conference Room

Conference Room enables participation in conferences at CEATEC 2019 without the need for a booth. This is an opportunity to present new fields and technologies that can only be conveyed through seminars and lectures.

Eligible Participants

CEATEC 2019 exhibitors and other companies/organizations that correspond to CEATEC 2019 Exhibitor Eligibility.

Capacity/Room Fee

Plan M

Capacity: 200 (Seating arrangements: School and theater at back)

Fee for 1 day (all day) 1,100,000JPY(incl. tax*)
Fee per session (1 hour) 330,000JPY(incl. tax*)
Plan S

Capacity: 100 (Seating arrangements: School and theater at back)

Fee for 1 day (all day) 770,000JPY(incl. tax*)
Fee per session (1 hour) 220,000JPY(incl. tax*)

Consumption tax rate effective at the time of the exhibition, October 2019, will be applied.

Conference frames

October 16 (Wed) October 17 (Thu) October 18 (Fri)
1Day(9:00-18:00) M1 S1 M2 S2 M3 S3
11:00-12:00 M1-1 S1-1 M2-1 S2-1 M3-1 S3-1
12:30-13:30 M1-2 S1-2 M2-2 S2-2 M3-2 S3-2
14:00-15:00 M1-3 S1-3 M2-3 S2-3 M3-3 S3-3
15:30-16:30 M1-4 S1-4 M2-4 S2-4 M3-4 S3-4

Basic Equipment

Reception related Reception desk, QR reader for reception
Emcee related Podium, lectern, microphone
Presentation related Audio equipment, projector, screen Note: Please bring your PC
Supporting staff Receptionist x1, equipment operator x1

Supported Services

  • Notification via Official WebsiteFree
    Conference titles and abstracts are posted in the seminar introduction page as a part of the official program, where other conferences and sessions such as keynotes and technological sessions are introduced.
  • Announcement Delivery by Mail Magazine and SNS Free
    Conference announcement will be posted on SNS sites such as CEATEC official Facebook page and Twitter, as well as through CEATEC Official Mail Magazine, which is circulated to 320 thousand registered readers*.

    *Sent to email addresses capable of receiving such information.

  • Provision of Conference Attendee Data Free
    Registered data (e.g. business card info, etc.) gathered from conference attendees will be provided in the form of CSV data after the exhibition has concluded. The data can be utilized for later business activities.
  • Notification via Show Information Leaflet Free
    Seminar and conference information will be posted as a CEATEC official program in the Show Information Leaflet with circulation of approx. 700 thousand copies. Additionally, the Conference Room participants will receive 100 copies of Show Information Leaflets via direct mail.
  • Reservation Reception Service Free
    Conference reservations can be made online from the system which is in possession by CEATEC.
  • Additional Equipment such as Internet Connection Charged
    Network connection via LAN cable can be provided when using the Internet in a session. Simultaneous interpretation and additional equipment are available at paid service.

Acceptance Period of Applications

1 Day (all day) Tuesday, Feb. 19 to Friday, Mar. 29 (JST)
1 Session (1 hour) Monday, Apr. 1 to Friday, Apr. 26 (JST)
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