about Exhibit Zoning

Company/Organization Exhibits

Exhibitors can select from three areas – Total Solutions, Smart X, and Devices & Technologies. They can also choose their exhibit size from 1 to 100 booths. A booth can be decorated freely, as long as the exhibition regulations are met.
There is also a Small Package Booth for exhibitors needing less than two booths; it includes an exhibit stand and other necessary amenities.

01Total Solutions

This area is for exhibiting solutions and products geared toward the realization of Society 5.0.
All eligible companies/organizations can exhibit here.

02Smart X

This area is for showcasing innovative solutions and products that will revolutionize a specific industry.
Companies/organizations focusing on smart solutions/products for specific industries can exhibit here.

03Devices & Technologies

This area is for showcasing electronic components/devices or technologies such as software that will support the realization of Society 5.0. The main products and technologies exhibited in this area are listed below.
Electronic components/devices/software
  • Passive components, coupling parts, converting parts, power sources, high-frequency components, semiconductor devices, display devices, batteries, materials/electronic materials, electronic circuits, solution services, application software, etc.
Data management, business networking
  • AI, big data, 5G, cloud computing, data management, network services/technologies, M2M related systems/services, M2M devices, PC/server/storage, signage, printers, image scanners, OCRs, handy terminals, etc.
Security related
  • Cyber security, information security, designing & development, operational management, outsourcing, and consulting, etc.

Standard Booth

Small Package Booth

Selection of booth position (Refer to Exhibition Regulation pages for details.)

Exhibitors will select booth positions from specified locations on a floor plan for booth selection, which is decided by the Organizing Committee. ‘Floor plan for booth selection’ will be sent to exhibitors from CEATEC Management Office starting the end of June (planned). Exhibitors will be able to choose their booth location at Session for Selecting Booth Position, which will be held in July. Selections will be made in the order in which you submitted the application form on the website.

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