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Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited


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Automobiles, EV, HEV, PHV, FCV, Electric-assisted bicycles, Next-generation vehicles

ITS, Telematics


Automotive computers, In-car networking systems

Car AVC products (Car navigation systems, others)

Batteries, Energy systems, Smart mobility social systems, Environment-related technologies


UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)

Aerospace, Ships, Railroads

Industrial equipment/Machineries

Construction equipment

Industrial robots

Control technologies, Applied systems

Cloud computing

Data management

Big data

Network technologies

M2M related systems and services, M2M device related

PCs, Servers, storage


Printers, Image scanners, OCRs, Handy terminals

Devices, Software

VR/AR Related

HEMS, Home solution, related systems

Home security systems

Smart appliances

Video equipment

Audio equipment

Mobile phones, Electronic tablet devices, Wearable devices

VR/AR Related

Fitness-related services, Equipment

Healthcare-related services, Equipment

Sports, Toys

Personal robot

Passive components

Connecting components


Power source

High-frequency parts related

Semiconductor Devices

Display Devices



Electronic Circuit related

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Exhibiting Products 1

Waterproof rectangular connector for industrial equipment "KN01 Series"

The KN01 Series is a large yet light weight and high-density waterproof rectangular connector. This connector is ideal for industrial equipment such as robotics, automated machinery and machine tools, which require to be resilient against environmental conditions.
The KN01 Series can be used for a wide range of applications with an insert structure that can be customized to comply with various pin counts by combining the block style insulator.
The locking lever adopts a rack and pinion system that enables mating and unmating with minimal operation.
The KN01 Series can be used as an I/O connector for a wide range of general devices over various markets that require multi-contact wiring.


Exhibiting Products 2

USB Type-C™ Connector "DX07 Series"

JAE has received official approval codes (TID number) for the DX07 Series plug and receptacle connectors, which ensures they are compliant with the next generation USB Type-C specification.

The USB Type-C connector is specified by the USB Implementers Forum, and in order to have a USB Type-C compliant device, it is necessary to use compliant connectors such as the DX07 Series connectors.


Exhibiting Products 3

Automotive USB 3.0 / Automotive High-speed Transmission Connector "MX62 Series"

From the point of increase of the data along with the growing high performance and entertainment, recently, the applications considering USB 3.0 have been increasing for automotive applications.

To meet these needs, JAE has developed MX62 Series connector to comply with USB 3.0 for automotive applications.

The MX62 Series is a connector compatible with USB3.0 transmission specifications, designed to satisfy 5Gbps high-speed; achieving both mechanical and environmental performances for requirements used for automotive applications.
Also it adopts shielded wires exclusively developed for automotive applications.

The MX62 Series is not only suitable for automotive, but also a wide range of industrial applications as it has heat, shock and vibration resistance.


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