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Ayla Networks empowers leading manufacturers by simplifying the inherent complexity of the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling them to turn their products into smart connected systems and transform their businesses to compete in the game-changing world of connectivity. Delivered as a cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Ayla’s IoT platform provides the flexibility and modularity to enable rapid changes to practically any type of device, cloud or app environment.

Offered as a cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Ayla’s flexibility and modularity enables rapid changes to be made to practically any point of the platform at any time. Ayla is an expert in building enterprise-class cloud based software for the Internet of Things, enabling some of the largest companies in the world to turn everyday home controls, HVAC, appliances, lighting, and other devices into intelligent systems that are managed by the cloud and accessible anywhere by great mobile and web applications.

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Ayla Enterprise IoT Platform

Built for enterprise-scale, Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform was architected from the ground up to deliver a truly end-to-end software foundation that would enable any device manufacturer to develop not only intelligent products, but also elegant and reliable IoT services for their end users.

Comprised of three primary components; (1) Ayla Embedded Agents, (2) Ayla Cloud Services, and (3) Ayla Application Libraries, Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform provides a complete solution to connect nearly any device to the cloud and applications while offering all of the tools and premium services needed for a manufacturer to manage, provision, and analyze their Internet of Things deployment. Ayla removes the need for manufacturers to invest in networking stack development, end-to-end security, cloud infrastructure, and the other undifferentiating IoT “must haves” when bringing connected products to market, allowing them to focus their resources on their areas of expertise, where it matters.

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Phone as a Gateway

Allow Bluetooth-enabled products to connect to the Ayla IoT cloud using a smartphone or other mobile device, without requiring IoT gateways or any changes to the Bluetooth products themselves. By extending Bluetooth products’ local IoT connectivity to the cloud, PaaG lets manufacturers gain the full value of the IoT data generated by their Bluetooth products.

• Protocol Agnostic
• No added gateway required
• Supports for new and existing products
• Firmware or BLE expertise not required
• Native code support for iOS and Android Applications

• User Management, with SSO
• Device Management
• Data Access
- Data Streaming Service
- Data Protection Policies
• Over the air updates
• Device sharing, with RBAC
• Multi-Region Support

Any manufacturer with Bluetooth capable products, whether new or existing, can leverage Ayla’s Phone as a Gateway solution to facilitate a secure connection to Ayla’s Cloud via a native mobile iOS or Android Appli- cation built upon Ayla’s Mobile SDK.

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