• October

    3rdTue - 6thFri at Makuhari Messe

Venture & University AreaExhibition Guide

Venture & University Area

Exhibition Application form

The Venture & University Area will be setup in support of the activities of venture businesses developing and providing parts, technologies and services related to IT and electronics, and university research institutions involved in research into these parts, technologies and services. Making the best use of the CEATEC JAPAN brand power, its publicity capabilities and ability to bring together customers, we ask the participants to make use of the business opportunities of the Venture & University Area – a place where industry and university research institutions can meet.

Exhibitors Eligible to Participate

Venture & University booth

  • Global start-up companies
  • Domestic venture businesses established less than fifteen years ago
  • Venture companies with a Japanese-national CEO
  • Overseas venture companies planning to enter into the Japanese market
  • Overseas venture companies with Japanese corporate investment
  • Worldwide universities, academic institutions, and laboratories

Features/Participation Advantages

  • Excellent Cost Performance

    In addition to promoting products at exhibition booths, special presentation island in the venue can be used to introduce technologies in close proximity in adjacent areas.

  • Efficient, Short-term Exhibiting

    Also in this area, exhibitors can choose to participate only for two days out of the four-day exhibition period. And, thanks to special booth packages, the inconvenience of conventional booth setup and disassembly is reduced.

  • Enhanced Match-making Support and Publicity

    CEATEC JAPAN’s official website can be used to publicize products and technologies that exhibitors are planning to introduce. Services available online include analyzing and segmenting target audiences and distributing emails to attract such audiences to visit the booth.

Exhibition booth fee (incl. tax)

Segment A
Oct. 3 (Tue) – 6 (Fri) for 4 days
Segment B
Oct. 3 (Tue) – 4 (Wed) for 2 days
Segment C
Oct. 5 (Thu) – 6 (Fri) for 2 days

 Venture & University booth

Booth specifications

External dimensions
2.0m (W) x 2,0 (D) = 4.0 m2
Supplied facilities
  1. Foundation panel, Display counter (975mm high with storage space)
  2. Fascia for displaying company name (300mm wide)
  3. Fluorescent light
  4. Electric power rate (free of charge up to 1kW)
  5. Folding chair (x1)
  6. Cutting sheet lettering for company name display
  7. Electricity socket (single-phase 100V, up to 1kW capacitance)
The Management Office will decide upon booth locations in the Venture & University Area and the actual site of this area in the venue.
This and all other related matters will be concluded in compliance with the CEATEC JAPAN 2017 Exhibition Regulations.