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    3rdTue - 6thFri at Makuhari Messe

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For added convenience, special promotional package plans are available that can be used together with individual Ad plans.

NOTE: Details such as the pricing of each promotional item are subject to change at a later date. Upon confirmation of the specific items, orders will be accepted online sometime in March 2017.

Individual Ad Plans

CEATEC JAPAN Official Website Web Banner Ad

Posting period:
Mid-July to Mid-December 2017
Browsing results from last year:
844,143 sessions / 3,161,597 PV (7/1-10/31 2016)
Rates (incl. tax)
General Exhibitors Member Exhibitors
Normal banner ¥216,000 ¥172,200
Wide banner ¥378,000 ¥302,800
Footer banner ¥162,000 ¥129,200

Mail Magazine Text Banner Ad

Visitors database; approx. 150,000
Text with max. 266 Japanese characters(38 2-byte characters x 7 lines)
Rates (incl. tax)
General Exhibitors
216,000 / insertion
Member Exhibitors
172,800 / insertion

Guide Map Ad

Insert ad in the venue map widely distributed at all entrances

(Also planned to be posted on the official website)

Rates (incl. tax)
Ad space General Exhibitors Member Exhibitors Eligible exhibitors
Type A
(Japanese/ English)
Logo on the relevant
booth in the booth guide
¥54,000 ¥43,200 Exhibitor with at least 9 booth spaces
Type B
(Japanese/ English)
Below the booth guide ¥216,000 ¥172,800 All exhibitors
Type C Half-page ad
in the article section
¥324,000 ¥259,200 All exhibitors
Type D Full-page ad
in the article section
¥540,000 ¥432,200 All exhibitors

Venue Ad Spaces

Advertisement spaces are made available within Makuhari Messe and its surrounding areas.

Rates (incl. tax)
General Exhibitors Member Exhibitors
Pedestrian overpass escalator signboard (two sides)Availability 1 ¥486,000 ¥388,800
Exterior bowed sign (one sign)Availability 8 ¥162,000 ¥129,600
Event PR signAvailability 2 ¥2,160,000 ¥1,728,000
Central Entrance Column signAvailability 1 ¥540,000 ¥432,000
Central Entrance Sheet sign (One side × 4)Availability 1 ¥2,700,000 ¥2,160,000
Central Registration Sheet signAvailability 2 ¥1,620,000 ¥1,296,000
Exhibition site second-floor passage banner (two sides: both right and left)
Availability 9
¥432,000 ¥345,600
Exhibition site second floor Column sign (four sides × 2)Availability 5 ¥1,080,000 ¥864,000
Entrance of central mall hall, ad on glassAvailability 7 ¥108,000 ¥86,400
Central mall lounge, ad on glassAvailability 4 ¥777,600 ¥604,800
Exhibition site entrance escalator floor signAvailability 6 ¥2,160,000 ¥1,728,000
Ad in Hanging Sign for Area Indication (one space)per each area Availability 6 ¥162,000 ¥129,600
Company logo sign on guide panelAvailability 3 ¥64,800 ¥51,840
Banner over exhibitor’s own booth (one side) ¥1,188,000 ¥950,400
Banner over exhibitor’s own booth (two sides) ¥1,620,000 ¥1,296,000
Banner over exhibitor’s own booth (three sides) ¥2,160,000 ¥1,728,000
Banner over exhibitor’s own booth (four sides) ¥2,700,000 ¥2,160,000
International Conference Building, stand banner ad (2 sides × 1)Availability 13 ¥172,800 ¥138,240
Sponsor lounge in the hall ¥1,036,800 ¥1,004,400