• October

    3rdTue - 6thFri at Makuhari Messe

Support Services Exhibition Guide

A variety of support services designed to answer exhibitor objectives are available. Mix and match these services to your best advantage!

Objectives: Attract new visitors to the booth/ Disseminate the latest information to a worldwide audience.

  • Internet Media

    Free of charge
    Internet Media<
    The official website that garners 3.87 million yearly pageviews offers real-time information distribution.
  • Conference Sponsor

  • Various Ad Tools

  • CEATEC AWARD and Innovation Award “As Selected by US Journalists”

    Free of charge
    CEATEC AWARD and Innovation Award “As Selected by US Journalists
    Award results will be widely distributed through the media, as well as introduced at partner exhibitions around the world.
  • Interaction Conferences

    Terminals are handed out to audiences at the venue. Real-time information exchange with audiences is possible through conducting questionnaires and viewing reference data.

Objectives: Make optimal use of visitor data/ Provide useful services to clients at the exhibition venue.

  • DM Invitations & Customer Invitations

    Free of charge Note: Charged partially
    DM Invitations & Customer Invitations
    DM invitation tickets with letter and VIP customer invitation tickets are presented at free of charge.
  • Visitor Data Delivery Service (Barcode System)

    Free of charge Note: Charged partially
    Visitor registration information read at each booth will be delivered as data.
  • Reception Room / Demonstration Room

    Booth-linked promotions for visitors, such as events at second floor space in exhibition halls and demonstrations in closed spaces, can be conducted.
  • BusinessLink

    Free of charge Note: Charged partially
    Participation at various events that promote business interaction.
  • Business Space

    Free of charge Note: Charged partiallyrecommend
    A separate space is made available, which can be used as a free space or a room for important business talks.
  • New Technologies & Products Seminar/ Exhibitor Seminar

    Free of charge
    New Technologies & Products Seminar/ Exhibitor Seminar
    Seminar rooms for 50 to 100 people with a variety of presentation facilities will be provided.

Objective: Take advantage of the publicity potential offered by the various media sources.

  • News Center

    Free of charge
    News Center
    News on exhibit content will be gathered by a special team of reporters and widely distributed via the official website.
  • Press Conference at the Booth / Press Briefing Room / Press Release Distribution Support

    Free of charge
    Press Conference at the Booth  / Press Briefing Room / Press Release Distribution Support
    Various press services are offered to appeal proactively to influential media.
  • Media Convention

    Free of charge
    Media Convention
    Advance coverage by the key media will take place on Monday, October 2. These reporters interview the booths directly to boost the possibility of article posting.

Objectives: Improve interaction with executives/ Increase visits by VIPs to the booth.

  • Opening Reception

    Free of chargerecommend
    Opening Reception
    Chance to participate at the reception party where government officials as well as executives from exhibitors and related industries are invited. (limited number of participants)
  • Exhibitor VIP Registration

    Free of charge
    Coming to the venue using a company car is very smooth.
  • VIP Tour

    Free of charge
    A number of VIP and key figures are invited. A variety of booth observation tours will be conducted.

Objective: Optimize booth arrangements for the four-day period

Event professionals will be available to provide assistance for the various needs of exhibitors with services that include:

  • Utility booth storage, courier service, logistics, transport and assembly services, etc.
  • Providing information on decorative pre-packaged displays/rental furniture and fixtures, internet connections, temporary telephone lines, antenna installations, HVACs, utilities such water, air, and gas, etc.
  • Providing information on rental meeting rooms, nearby hotels, food & beverage vouchers, catering and food services, packaged lunch service, receptionists, interpreters, booth security staff, booth cleaning staff, etc.

NOTE: Additional exhibitor services will be made available.For more details, please refer to Exhibitor Manual, which is scheduled to be distributed in July,

Pre-packaged Booth Displays with Rental Fixtures Make Exhibiting Easy!

Each exhibitor has the freedom to decide on what kind of booth to use: From creating a uniquely original decorative one to enjoying the convenience of a simple booth using a pre-packaged booth display. Further details are available in the Exhibitor Manual.

Booth Examples

Note: Exhibition booth fee is not included in the booth fees listed here.

  • 4booth
  • 3booth
  • 2booth
  • 2booth
  • 1booth
  • 1booth

1. Typical total booth fee (reference) (incl. tax)

Exhibition booth fee (Standard booth)
¥ 388,800
Rental facilities (with Package Display B)
¥ 102,600
Primary power source construction cost + Electric consumption fee
¥ 10,800
¥ 502,200

1-booth Package Display B

Rental facilities (Package Display B) contain the following items:

  • Floor carpet (for 1 booth space)
  • Tape/grip for carpet (3m)
  • Fascia (3m)
  • Reception counter (x1)
  • Folding chair (x1)
  • Company name plate (x1)
  • Business card box (x1)
  • Spotlight (x2)
  • Fluorescent lighting (x2)
  • Electricity socket (x1)
  • Aforementioned reference booth fee is for minimum unit based on the results from 2016.
  • In addition to the reference booth fee listed above, additional fees such as the following may arise: Expenses relating to producing and supplying the exhibit products, graphic explanation panels, monitors, video equipment, and PC, as well as decoration, freight, labor and management cost.
  • When using a total electric capacity of 100V/1.5kW or more at your booth, extra ¥7,560 (incl. tax) per 1.5kW will be charged for installing distribution board, separate from the Primary power source construction cost + Electric consumption fee.
  • Please refer to Exhibitor Manual, which is scheduled to be distributed in July, for Package Displays that can be arranged by the CEATEC JAPAN Management Office and content/cost/how to apply for rental facilities/supplies.