CEATEC JAPAN 2016 comes to a close

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CEATEC JAPAN 2016, which welcomed 145,180 visitors this year—an increase of 9.1% over 2015—has closed as a success. This figure matches the experience of the CEATEC JAPAN News Center reporters gathering footage at the venue.

CEATEC JAPAN, a show where a variety of exhibitors share the same space

Held at Makuhari Messe (Mihama Ward, Chiba City) for four days beginning on Tuesday October 4, 2016, CEATEC JAPAN 2016 ended successfully, having hosted 648 exhibiting companies and groups (117 more than the previous year, an increase of 22%), and welcoming 145,180 visitors (12,132 more than last year, an increase of 9.1%).

The 648 companies and organizations exhibiting endorsed the new “Integrated CPS/IoT Exhibition” concept and represented a 22% year-on-year increase in exhibitor numbers. The result was a greater number of “performers” in a wide variety of genres, producing an even more impressive display. With makers of general electrical products, software makers, financial organizations, parts and materials makers, startup businesses and university research departments in attendance, this event featured a broad range of exhibitors sharing the same space at the same time, something that can be said to be unique to CEATEC JAPAN.

An enormous array of responses

The audience=visitors. It was not simply the increase in numbers. People in business suits mingled with high school and university students, and with other attendees visiting in wheelchairs; 2016 saw a broad range of visitors indeed!
“It was about five times better than I imagined! I saw things that showed me that the future I had glimpsed in movies is about to become reality.” (A university student visiting for the first time)

“This is the first time I have been in about 10 years. I had heard there were some cool wheelchairs so I came to see them, but it was so crowded that I couldn’t really get close. Another thing that intrigued me was VR. There were exhibits like a hang gliding experience that I wanted to try. I would like to come again next year.” (A man who visited the venue in an electric wheelchair)

One exhibitor at the “Tohoku/Kumamoto Recovery Support Exhibition,” held as a new innovation, had the following to say.
“There were people at CEATEC from a different strata to those who usually exhibit at industry trade fair, so I was able to have a variety of conversations, which was a new thing. On occasion I left the exhibition booth and took a look around the huge venue, which was a stimulating experience. I was able to talk with companies exhibiting in the same corner, and it looks like we will be able to do business soon.” (A metalworking manufacturer from Fukushima Prefecture)

One person affiliated with a university exhibiting in the Venture and University area commented, “Unlike on-campus displays and open campus events, the exhibitions here offer the opportunity to cross swords with professionals from many different industries.” (A professor from an exhibiting university)

CEATEC news has provided coverage of the latest topics at CEATEC JAPAN 2016, offering 143 articles, including both articles from Prime Media Partner and those prepared independently by the CEATEC JAPAN News Center. These will be archived for future use, serving as snapshots that trace the path of CEATEC JAPAN 2016, which was transformed by the “CPS/IoT” theme.

CEATEC JAPAN New Centers closed in 2016 with the hope that these articles will serve as predictions of things to come, so that when we look back next year, the year after that, or from even further into the future, we will be able to think, “Here is where that huge change began.” We would like to offer our thanks to the all of the exhibitors and visitors who helped us with our coverage.


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