Hitachi exhibits its “EMIEW3” robot specialized for guidance and customer service

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The Hitachi booth features a diversity of IoT-related solutions enabled by converging the company’s operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) accumulated over wide-ranging areas of business.

The Hitachi booth

“EMIEW3” — a humanoid robot for guidance and customer service now undergoing field testing at Haneda airport

Hitachi are exhibiting EMIEW3 — a 90 cm (35.4 in) high, 15 kg (33 lb) robot capable of autonomous movement and automatic standing upright if it falls over. With multiple cameras and sensors on board, the robot detects people’s expressions and movement, and approaches people and talks to them voluntarily.

With EMIEW first developed in 2005, the EMIEW3 on show this year is the third generation in this series. This self-moving robot provides guidance and customer service by reading the expressions and so forth of customers who may need support in public spaces or commercial facilities etc. Now being field-tested at Tokyo Station targeting foreigners, you may be lucky enough to come across EMIEW3 around the station.

The EMIEW3 humanoid robot

“ROPITS” — a personal mobility device that comes to meet its user at specified locations and can travel on sidewalks by itself

ROPITS is a single-passenger mobility device that can travel on sidewalks by itself to a location specified on a tablet terminal while avoiding pedestrians and other obstacles to come and meet its user.

Active suspension technology absorbs the shock to keep the vehicle level so that it can run smoothly and maintain balance and stability even on bumpy sidewalks. This device has already been undergoing experimental testing in city of Tsukuba since 2011. In conjunction with EMIEW3, the company is aiming for both guidance and mobility.

The ROPITS personal mobility device

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