Office Press Release

Office Press Release

CEATEC AWARD 2016 Two Ministerial Awards Selected

Two Ministerial Awards Selected
The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award, and
The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

CEATEC JAPAN Executive Board

CEATEC AWARD 2016, based on the theme “Connecting Society, Creating the Future”, have been awarded with the objective of progress and the creation of new markets in the IT & electronics industry, as well as the full-fledged advent of the CPS/IoT market.
We hereby announce the recipients of two ministerial awards, the "Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award" and the "Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award", as selected by the CEATEC AWARD review board panel of judges.
The recipients of grand prix and first runner up for four category awards will be announced on Wednesday, October 5th.

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award
Sharp Corporation (Booth: 3H70)
Product description
This is the world’s first receiver dedicated to 8K Super HiVision Broadcasting, which began test broadcasting from August 2016. Ultra high-definition videos with a resolution 16 times that of full HiVision can be displayed by connecting the receiver with Sharp monitor LV-85001. At the same time, it is capable of receiving multicast 4K broadcasting, and delivering 22.2ch 3D sound, one of the characteristics of 8K broadcasting. This receiver can be used as verification equipment for full 8K broadcasting scheduled to launch in 2018.
Comment on the selection
The company’s pioneer spirit in commercializing a receiver before any other company in the world has been given due recognition, as a device to promote 8K Super HiVision test broadcasting, which started in August 1, 2016. Its contribution toward the launch of public broadcasting in 2018 is highly anticipated. The world’s first 8K broadcasting receiver is groundbreaking and it will help to give a boost to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic/Paralympic Games.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
Name:Retinal Projection Laser Eyewear
Fujitsu Limited (Booth: 2S75)
Product description
This head mount display, called Retinal Projection Laser Eyewear, throws images directly to the retina from the ultra-compact laser projector. Images can be viewed from the built-in camera or an external device via HDMI input. The compact design without protrusions is realized by placing the optical section within the frame of the HMD. As its characteristics include not being affected by visual acuity or point of focus, Fujitsu is developing the product to support people with poor eyesight.
Comment on the selection
This product has the potential to replace conventional technologies a wide range of advantages, such as focus-free functionality, and natural, universal design without any protrusions. Essential technologies expected to be applied for other fields include vision support for people with poor eyesight, and high-degree application of ARs/VRs.


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