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Case Station Ltd., the global market leader in the field of personalised and customised mobile phone and tablet cases and accessories, “wearables” and other ranges of in-demand products, announced today its intent to enter the burgeoning Japanese retail market with multi-channel programs that substantially enhance customers’ experience and increase footfall in stores.

Case Station’s acclaimed smart phone branded cases and its other product lines are all personalisable using the cutting edge in-surface decoration technology provided by sister company, IDT Systems Ltd, and are available for most popular smart phone makes and models. Customers’ selected images, texts and designs are printed in high-resolution photographic quality, literally becoming part of the product in the decoration processes. The durability of these surface finishes that results allows Case Station to offer lifetime guarantees for its decorated products Case Station, supported logistically by its joint-venture partner, WOYC Korea Ltd, intends to partner with multi-store retail organizations in Japan, especially in telecommunications-related markets, so as to replicate its in-store, on-line and mobile App based programs now running successfully in the UK, throughout Europe, as well as Canada, Brazil, Israel, Nigeria, South Africa, India, China and Korea.

Case Station Ltd provides portfolios of retail programs that include flexible, in-store, point-of-sale displays giving retailers the ability to offer pre-decorated cases for smart phones and tablet computers for immediate purchase.

Case Station Media Contact for Enquiries:

Name: Peter H. L. Woodd
Telephone: (office) +44 (0)1252 726 080
(mobile) +44 (0)7843 09588

Name: Sangsoo Yim
Telephone: (office) +82 31 303 5810
(mobile) +82 10 5470 9010

Hall 2 / Town area / Booth No. : 2T09


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