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AEM Components is dedicated to delivering cuttingedge
products to meet the growing demands of our
customers. Our market-leading devices are deployed
globally for circuit protection and ESD protection.
AEM’s AirMatrix® surface mount (SMD) fuses are
capable of sustaining high interrupting ratings for
overcurrent protection. The company’s SolidMatrix®
SMD chip fuses provide secondary circuit protection
in DC power applications. AEM’s GcDiode®
suppressors provide reliable ESD protection for high
speed data ports. AEM’s MLVs are available for low
energy ESD protection or high energy voltage surge
The company also offers chip inductors and beads for
electromagnetic interference (EMI) signal filtering.
AEM maintains research and sales offices in the USA
and throughout Asia.

Exhibiting Products

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Air Matrix chip fuse

One of the industry’s smallest 250V surface mount fuses, the AirMatrix product series is primarily designed
for overcurrent protection of line voltage circuits and is widely applied in power applications. AEM’s unique
materials, product design and manufacturing processes provide better reliability, stability and performance.
AirMatrix® Features:
1. High in-rush current withstanding capability
2.RoHS-compliant, lead- and halogen-free
3. Fiberglass enforced epoxy fuse body
4. Voltage ratings up to 250VAC/125VDC
5. Current ratings ranging 0.5~20 A
6. Operating temperature: -55°C - 125°C
7. Tape & reel packaging
8. Compatible with wave and reflow soldering

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