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Fujitsu Opens a Restaurant?
Hold a Smartphone over Vegetables to Display Menus !

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Fujitsu opened “Ristorante C’s” in its booth. The company demonstrated a system whereby users can hold their smartphone over vegetables they want to eat to display a menu tailored to their desires or physical condition. This system operates by information embedded in LED lighting illuminated on vegetables arranged in a showcase.

LED technology that embeds information in light

Fujitsu’s “LED lighting technology to connect information with things” embeds ID information not visible to people in light shone on objects, so that the ID information in the light can be acquired. By the simple action of holding a smartphone or smart device over the object illuminated, users can access the information connected to the object, which enables information providers to steer consumers to target information.
With its illuminated vegetables in their booth, Fujitsu demonstrated this system and its menu display tailored to user pre-registered preferences and physical conditions.

This LED lighting technology enables information to be attached to all kinds of objects without the need for any special operations. As well as products, there are a range of other possibilities for deployment of this technology such as guidance at exhibitions or in tourism. Fujitsu aims to commercialize this service in FY 2015.

Holding a Smartphone over vegetables to display a menu

Next-generation “sensor shoes” that deliver data on foot movement, pressure and so forth

As well as the restaurant in the Fujitsu booth, which was created as a community space with a focus on health and diet, the company also presented a range of cutting-edge technological exhibits including shoes fitted with sensors to enable healthcare management and lifestyle improvement using the data acquired while the shoes are being worn, and a hands on demonstration of UI technology that projects text on to walls or desks and could be used to digitalize entire rooms.

The next-generation sensor shoes

UI technology demo

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