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Roox - The Desktop 3D Priner for Home and Office

Bring your imagination to life !

Robox® provides you with the capability to produce three-dimensional models in a variety of thermoplastic materials and with our HeadLock™ easy replacement system, you can begin to explore a whole range of personal manufacturing possibilities.

From the outset of this project, the intention has always been to demystify 3D printing and put it in reach of everyone. We wanted to produce the most reliable, stylish and easiest-to-use 3D printing solution available. What we’ve done is more than that, with HeadLock™ system, Robox can operate with different heads, stylus cutting to paste deposition, and coming soon, 3D scanning. The possibilities are endless.

We have future-proofed the platform so that it is ready to take immediate advantage of new additive and subtractive manufacturing processes as we develop them, making the Robox® platform not only the most accessible 3D printer but a complete micro-manufacturing system.

<Distinct Profile of Robox®>
(1)Up to 300% Faster ― Dual Nozzle System
Robox® includes a proprieary dual-nozzle system (Extruder diameter : 0.3mm and 0.8mm) which can improve print speed up to 300%.
(2)High Print Resolution
Robox® has one of the highest print resolution of any FFF printer in the market - up to 20µm (0.02mm) layers.
(3)Quick-Change Print Head
HeadLock™ system allow you to change the function of Robox® quickly and easily. The head contains a universal interface that will work with all future upgrades to the Robox®.
(4)Enclosure Door
Prevents outside thermal influence affecting your print by blocking draughts and keeping the internal temperature stable, and shields users from surfaces.
(5) User-friendly Software
The included AutoMaker™のsoftware translate your 3D design into a language that Robox® can understand. This software is very easy to use with simple operation.
(6)Replaceable, ‘Tape-less’ and Removable Heated Bed
The print surface itself is easily removable.