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ULIS targets outdoor leisure market with Pico384 Gen2

ULIS, a leading manufacturer of thermal image sensors for commercial and military applications, launches Pico384 Gen2, one of the first thermal image sensor designed in accordance with JEDEC standards for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly. This means that ULIS’ sensors are more compatible with standard industrial integration and handling processes for high volume production, such as robotic pick and place and oven reflow.

As a Surface Mount Device (SMD), Pico384 Gen2 enables thermal camera makers to further automate their assembly lines, lower the cost of integration and thereby boost production.

Growing consumer interest in nature observation raises demand for night vision sensors better designed for the higher speed production of thermal cameras.

Pico384 Gen2 is suitable for outdoor leisure applications, such as nature observation, wildlife watching, tracking game, camping and hiking. With QVGA resolution (384x288 pixels) and exceptional image quality, users of thermal equipment designed with Pico384 Gen2 will be able to observe animals in complete darkness from a distance of several hundred meters.

Pico384 Gen2 offers low power consumption (<220mW with integrated ADC and DACs) for improved battery life. This makes the Pico384 Gen2 attractive for other portable applications like thermography, firefighting and surveillance.

ULIS says customers will benefit from the simplicity and cost-efficiency this brings, both of which are necessary to increase the production of thermal image cameras from tens of thousands to several hundreds of thousands of units per year.

ULIS will display Surface Mount Device Pico384 Gen2 at CEATEC in Makyuhari Messe Japan, October 07 to 9, 2015 at hall 4, booth