October 7th - 11th 2003


Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center)

Exhibition Trends

Taking the Lead in the Ubiquitous Era
The theme of this year's event was "Ubiquitous Community Forward to the Next Stage!" Most exhibits highlighted the spread of digital networks and how they have changed working and personal lives.

Visitors were particularly interested in digital appliances, car electronics, telematics, optical and wireless communications, and security technologies.

The show featured a full lineup of digital audiovisual equipment, including DVD-R devices and flat-panel displays (FPDs), as well as terrestrial digital broadcasting technologies and equipment. Visitors noted the leading role that the information technology (IT) and electronics industries have played in driving the economic turnaround in 2003.

Promising Digital Appliances
Cellular telephones, digital cameras and other digital appliances have replaced personal computers (PCs) in driving the semiconductor market amid a shift toward broadband access.

These products are the fruit of a large number of new technologies, components and materials. The many technological challenges include making appliances lighter and smaller while reducing energy consumption and noise. Manufacturer's exhibits demonstrated strong technological and development capabilities in all the above respects.

Appliance manufacturers launched plasma and liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions to prepare for the launch of digital terrestrial broadcasting in Japan in December 2003. The show also featured many organic and inorganic electroluminescent (EL), field emission and microdisplays. Manufacturers highlighted the expanding applications and strides they have made with displays and presented diverse lineups.

Exhibitors: 667

Stage/Zone Exhibitors: Booths
Domestic Foreign Total
Digital Network Home & Personal Zone 163 29 192 977
Business & Society Zone 147 18 165 502
Electronic Components, Devices, & Equipment Electronic Devices Zone 154 146 300 1,007
Industrial Electronic Equipment Zone 10 0 10 36
Total 474 193 667 2,522

Visitors: 191,528

  10/7(Tue) 10/8(Wed) 10/9(Thu) 10/10(Fri) 10/11(Sat) Total
Domestic registrants 19,454 34,254 38,894 42,696 22,494 157,792
Foreign registrants 589 731 419 383 328 2,450
Press 854 254 218 259 126 1,711
Exhibitors 7,282 6,013 5,304 5,333 5,643 29,575
Total 28,179 41,252 44,835 48,671 28,591 191,528

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