October 5th - 9th 2004


Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center)

Exhibition Trends

At a time when broadband networks are becoming a standard feature in industry and personal lives, the foundations required for a ubiquitous society are fast becoming a reality. The theme of the fifth CEATEC JAPAN exhibition, "Ubiquitous Society - Digitally Enriched, Accelerating to the Next Stage," was a timely reflection of just how far we have come.

In summing up the one outstanding feature of this year's exhibition, one would have to say it was the sheer diversity products and solutions that embody the arrival of this ubiquitous society. The technological concepts that appeared at the first CEATEC JAPAN in 2000 have now materialized in the form of numerous products and solutions. Continuing on from last year, manufacturers are choosing CEATEC JAPAN as a launch pad for introducing their new technologies and products to the rest of the world. This growing recognition of the exhibition's strategic importance has served to boost CEATEC JAPAN's value. To cite just two examples of this trend, Sharp unveiled its Aquos 65V-inch liquid crystal device (LCD) television, the largest of its kind in the world, on the first day of this year's event. Sony also introduced its new VAIO Type X, a combined personal computer (PC) and digital video tape recorder (VTR), on the same day.

In the area of electronic components and devices, as well, manufacturers led the world with the release of cutting-edge network-related technologies and products, including 0402 chips. Many television and print media highlighted these products for their viewers and readers, both in Japan and overseas.

Another strong trend was the increase in visitor numbers, which can be attributed directly to the appeal of new products and technologies. Unfortunately, the weather did not favor this year's exhibition, as a direct hit by a typhoon on the last day caused the event to close early. Nonetheless, visitor numbers remained strong. On October 8, the fourth day of the exhibition, the venue thronged with more than 50,000 visitors. Both the Digital Network Stage and the Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage exuded more vitality compared to last year. There was a frenzy of activity around the Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage, in particular. Indeed, some booths in the Stage did not have enough personnel to talk to visitors and answer their questions. This strong interest in electronic components, devices, materials and related technologies was due to the continuing increase in demand for digital home appliances, which is fueling growth in this exciting new area.

Exhibitors: 728

Stage/Zone Exhibitors Booths
Domestic Foreign Total
Digital Network Home & Personal Zone 93 42 135 1,039
Business & Society Zone 127 22 149 514
Electronic Components, Devices, & Equipment Semiconductors Zone 30 54 84 330
Electronic Display Devices Zone 28 34 62 131
Passive Components Zone 42 75 117 340
Structural Components Zone 35 18 53 186
Functional Components Zone 45 3 48 59
Module Units Zone 3 0 3 23
Electronic Circuit Boards Zone 5 1 6 26
Batteries and Materials Zone 9 6 15 35
Industrial Electronic Equipment Zone 19 8 27 57
PR Zone 26 3 29 14
Total 462 266 728 2,754

Visitors: 182,490

  10/5(Tue) 10/6(Wed) 10/7(Thu) 10/8(Fri) 10/9(Sat) Total
Domestic registrants 18,734 32,073 39,367 44,738 8,441 143,353
Foreign registrants 563 713 573 528 257 2,634
Press 905 309 293 304 57 1,868
Exhibitors 8,133 7,873 6,521 5,887 6,221 34,635
Total 28,335 40,968 46,754 51,457 14,976 182,490

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