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September 30th - October 6th 2008


Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center)

Exhibition Trends

The CEATEC JAPAN exhibition was held for the ninth time in 2008 and its theme was, "Digital Convergence: Onwards to a New Stage." CEATEC is a comprehensive and international exhibition of cutting-edge IT and electronics technologies, and it presented to the world innovative ideas for new lifestyles made possible by the convergence of diverse imaging, signaling and data services and technologies.

The exhibition saw 804 companies and organizations, including 289 companies from 27 countries and regions outside of Japan, displaying their products and technologies in 3,121 exhibition booths. In total, there were 196,630 visitors during the five days of the exhibition and on the fourth day of the exhibition (Friday, October 3rd) there were 54,569 visitors, a number that surpassed the single-day attendance record. And the following day (October 4th) saw the highest attendance to date for a Saturday, with 32,576 visitors.

The first day of the exhibition was marked by Premiere Time press coverage and companies introducing their important products and latest technologies. Additionally, the increased number of sophisticated exhibits that encouraged visitor interaction also attracted extensive coverage from a large number of television, newspaper and web-based media organizations. The 2,294 press members who registered for the event also surpassed all previous records, further evidence of how the popularity of the CEATEC JAPAN exhibition showcasing the latest IT and electronics technologies has advanced to a higher level.

CEATEC JAPAN 2008 was divided into two main sections, the "Digital Network Stage" and the "Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage." To improve the ease with which visitors could view the product and technology displays this year, the exhibition was concentrated into Halls 1 to 8 at Makuhari Messe.

The Digital Network Stage exhibits were presented in Halls 1 to 5 and consisted of two zones, the Home & Personal Zone and the Business & Society Zone. And just like in 2007, popular products in this section included flat-panel and large-size displays, as well as mobile and integrated automotive communication devices. Household appliance networking with televisions and other developments demonstrating the rapid pace of digital convergence were also notable highlights.

The displays in the Electronic Components, Devices & Industrial Equipment Stage were presented in Halls 5 to 8 and included a comprehensive range of MEMS and sensor technologies as well as technologies unveiled for the first time, and the superb variety of technologies exhibited is sure to be found in future products.

Both sections at CEATEC JAPAN 2008 focused on the increasing attention placed on environmental concerns in product and technological development as well as the efforts made to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of advanced IT and digital technologies.

Exhibitors: 804

Stage/Zone Exhibitors Booths
Domestic Foreign Total
Digital Network Home & Personal Zone 50 53 103 1,199
Business & Society Zone 140 44 184 624
Electronic Components, Devices, & Equipment Electronic Components, Devices, & Equipment 31 21 52 230
Electronic Display Devices Zone 15 9 24 50
Passive Components Zone 92 91 183 435
Structural and Functional Components Zone 50 16 66 291
Materials, Batteries and Power Sources Zone 19 8 27 58
Measuring, Testing and Manufacturing Equipment, Electronic Manufacturing Process Zone 18 2 20 57
Technology Solution Zone 87 45 132 159
PR Zone 13 0 13 18
Total 515 289 804 3,121

Visitors: 196,630

  9/30(Tue) 10/1(Wed) 10/2(Thu) 10/3(Fri) 10/4(Sat) Total
Domestic registrants 18,163 26,903 37,530 46,788 25,694 155,078
Foreign registrants 777 721 635 371 278 2,782
Registrants/Press 1,144 397 264 294 195 2,294
Exhibitors 8,758 6,618 7,575 7,116 6,409 36,476
Total 28,842 34,639 46,004 54,569 32,576 196,630

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