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Pioneer Corporation has developed a "Compact Full-Color Hologram Printer"

Pioneer Corporation has developed a compact, full-color printer that uses stereo hologram technology for the creation of Lippmann holograms *1, offering a realistic three dimensional image with a true feeling of depth.

This newly developed hologram printer does not require the complex photographical environment previously required for the creation of Lippmann holograms, which included models to be photographed, vibration dampers and a darkened room, nor does it require any of the high level specialist technology or knowledge in terms of devices, optical system settings or exposure required by the old process, instead allowing anyone to easily create holograms that is completely original and unique from 3-dimensional shape data such as computer graphics(CG).

This printer is expected to be used in a wide range of areas, including the creation of beautiful 3-dimensional photographs, the production of commemorative goods, high-class trademarks and original cards, as well as functioning as an output device for 3D data from computers and measuring devices.

[Dimensions of Hologram Printer]
W370mm x D580mm x H130mm (not including protrusions)
[Print Size]
75.6mm x 50.4mm (maximum)
[Component Hologram Size]
0.252mm x 0.252mm
[Visual Angle]
23 degrees (both vertically and horizontally)
[Recording Wavelength]
Blue 473nm, Green 532nm, Red 633nm

*1 Lippman Holograms
A hologram in which the object and reference beams are emitted from opposing side to the front and back of the recording material. Color holograms, which are created using three colors of recording light source lasers, can be rendered as a clear and beautiful 3-dimensional image if illuminated by white light.

*2 The print media is supplied by Bayer MaterialScience Ltd..

Hologram Printer

Printed Sample 1 (Business Card) *2

Printed Sample 2 (3D Map) *2

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