Former "Digital Network Stage"
Lifestyle & Society Stage

Technology that can connect individually developed systems and devices to more sophisticated networks in households, business and society is essential to realize a smart society. The previous "Home & Personal Zone" and "Business & Society Zone" will be unified into an improved stage that proposes smart lifestyles and society created by a seamless cooperation between these two areas.

Exhibitor Categories
Home Entertainment and Video Network
  • Smart TVs, Connected TVs, 3D TVs, Digital TVs, Monitors
  • Recorders/Players, Home servers, Storage
  • Home-use projectors, Home theater systems
  • Audio products, Surround systems, Digital audio players
  • Game platforms
  • CATV / Terrestrial / BS / CS broadcasting-related services
  • IPTV, FTTH, Broadband, Next-generation network services, Video distribution services
  • Entertainment content, Digital content
  • Next-generation video technology, Commercial video systems, Large-format video systems, Digital cinema, Digital signage
  • Related products & services
Personal Digital Tools and Mobile Networks
  • Smartphones, Cellular telephones, Personal Handyphone System
  • Mobile PCs, Tablet PCs, Electronic books
  • Digital cameras, Digital video cameras
  • Portable game players, Portable digital audio players, Electronic dictionaries
  • Wireless broadband services
  • Wireless communication technology & products, Wireless LAN technologies & products, PCs, Peripheral equipment
  • Related products & services
Smart Office and Business Networks
  • Cloud computing, SaaS, ASP, PaaS, IaaS/HaaS
  • Data centers (IDC), Virtualized solution, Grid computing
  • Servers, Storage
  • Operating systems, Middleware, Applications, Database
  • Clients/PCs, Peripheral equipment, Information terminals, Digital office equipment
  • Push-button phone devices
  • PBX, Wireless phones for company offices, Business facsimiles, PDAs
  • Switching stations, Digital transmitters, Fixed communications devices Base station communications devices
  • Modems, Optical access equipment, Hubs, Routers, LAN/WAN
  • Network services, Web services, Web/Video conferencing systems, Network cameras, Softphones, IP phone, VoIP, IPv6
  • Information security, Design and development, Operation management, Outsourcing services, Consulting
  • Green IT, Eco-office
  • Related systems & services & software
Smart House
  • Household photovoltaic power generation system
  • Household fuel cell system
  • Household power storage system, Power supply system
  • HEMS, Smart house, Home solution, Related systems
  • Home security systems
  • Network home appliances, Consumer electric products, Household appliances
  • Related products & services
Smart Mobility
  • EV, HEV, PHV, FCV related systems
  • Batteries, Vehicle network systems, Energy supply systems
  • ITS, Telematics, Transportation-related systems & services
  • Car AVC products, Car-mounted computers
  • Related products & services
Smart Community
  • Renewable energy, New energy
  • Storage batteries, Storage systems, Fuel cells
  • Smart meters, Power control, Smart grid-related systems
  • BEMS systems, Zero Emission Buildings
  • Smart towns, Next-generation social systems & services
  • Related systems & services
Lifestyle & Social Systems and Leading-edge Technologies
  • Healthcare/medical electronic systems & services, Social welfare systems & services
  • Security technologies & systems & services
  • e-Learning, Education/academic related systems & services
  • Public/financial systems & services
  • RFID systems, Distribution/logistics systems & services, Traceability systems
  • Production technology, Social infrastructure technology, Agri-technology, Industrial technology
  • Robotics, Business support robots, Life support robots, Communication robots
  • Space science and technology, Nanotechnology, Biometrics, Biotechnology, Science and technology,
    Leading-edge Technology, Research presentations
  • Related products & services

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Japan's technology manufacturers are a great team. We are a strong team that has led the world in technical prowess. Now is the time we must combine ever more strength, pool ever greater wisdom, and create ever more innovative technology. The greatest leaps forward come at times of greatest crisis. Team Technology Japan The creations born of this great team will uphold the future of Japan and move the world.

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