Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Award
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award

Prize winning products, technologies, or services
Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud Service
Company Name
Fujitsu Limited
Hall Exhibition Hall 3 Booth 3B58
Summary An ICT-based cloud service designed to enhance competitiveness in Japan's food & agriculture fields
Starting with the application of ICT to agricultural production, this system not only supports enterprise-style agricultural management, but also promotes the establishment of value chains among food-related companies (food processing, distribution and catering). Moreover, it can revitalize local economies and create new jobs in food and agriculture, as well as contribute to ensuring the consumer of the future can rely on a safe, nutritious, and varied diet.
Appraisal This service tackles the issue of food, which is of great importance for the future of Japan and the whole world. It demonstrates the potential of promising ICT innovations that can have such a broad impact, ranging from agricultural production, processing and distribution to the reinvigoration of local communities.

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

Prize winning products, technologies, or services
The Future Brought to You by IGZO
(Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide)
Company Name
Hall Exhibition Hall 4 Booth 4B70
Summary The world's first oxide semiconductor to be successfully mass-produced
IGZO is a compound semiconductor capable of offering electron mobility 20 to 50 times faster than amorphous silicon. This means IGZO transistors can be thinner and smaller, making it possible to achieve display definition twice that of a conventional LCD but with the same transmittance. Moreover, since continuous current is not required for an IGZO display, significant energy savings are possible. This technology helps to reduce energy loss and contributes greatly to the advancement of smart technologies.
Appraisal IGZO makes it possible to create smaller thin-film transistors that offer higher performance and greater definition. It has the potential to drive the development of new product markets in the fields of mobile equipment – including the global smartphone market, which is set to grow yet further – and displays, such as LCD monitors.

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