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About Special Exhibits

The special exhibits and projects scheduled for CEATEC JAPAN 2012 will present the latest technologies to the world ahead of any other exhibits of their kind, and will enable visitors to experience the coming energy-efficient "Smart Society" characterized by prosperity, health, comfort, safety and security.

Venue Configuration


Exhibition Hall 2Booth 2B43

Content Experience Zone

HallExhibition Hall 2


ZoningLifestyle & Society Stage

Presented byUltra-Realistic Communications Forum (URCF)

Our exhibit will showcase ultra-realistic 3D image, multi-view image, five-sense/multisensory content and telework technologies through the latest 3D image applications and content. Visitors are invited to experience the never-before-seen realism and quality these new communications.

Exhibition Hall 3Booth 3B44

New Broadcasting Services That
Will Change People's Lifestyles
– Look Out: Televisions Will Be More Interesting (NHK/JEITA)

HallExhibition Hall 3


ZoningLifestyle & Society Stage

Presented byJapan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

Anticipated for implementation in the near future, this exhibit will introduce the Hybridcast prototype receivers, which take advantage of broadcast and communications to create new services and video devices, as well as the next-generation high-presence Super Hi-Vision (HDTV) services currently under development.

Exhibition Hall 5Booth 5B71


HallExhibition Hall 5


ZoningLifestyle & Society Stage

Presented byCommunications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ)

This exhibit will feature demonstrations of bidirectional connectivity such as NGN videoconferencing with VoIP and HD, video phone services, as well as fax and PBX interconnection. The exhibit will also feature an M2M section introducing interconnectivity-related products.

Exhibition Hall 5Booth 5B79

Accessibility PLAZA

HallExhibition Hall 5


ZoningLifestyle & Society Stage

Presented byCommunications and Information network Association of Japan (CIAJ)

The CIAJ will present and demonstrate various services and communications devices such as telephones that are easy for people with disabilities and the elderly to use.

Exhibition Hall 5

Local Government PLAZA

HallExhibition Hall 5

ZoningKey Technologies Stage

With joint cooperation between regions and local governments throughout Japan, this presentation will offer a forum for publicizing the performance of and promoting regional IT and electronics businesses, and contribute to and support information dissemination and customer base and sales channel expansion for leading related regional businesses.

Exhibition Hall 6Booth 6C73

NE Theater

HallExhibition Hall 6


ZoningKey Technologies Stage

Presented byNikkei Electronics

During the exhibition period, the Nikkei Electronics-sponsored NE Theatre will present a range of lectures focusing on hot new electronics technologies such as smartphones, tablets and user interfaces.
Themes (planned)
(1) Smartphones and Tablets, (2) User Interfaces, (3) Microprocessors/Microcomputers, (4) Big Data, and (5) Kids

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