Special Exhibit
– Linking "Smart" Fields

About Special Exhibit – Linking "Smart" Fields

Focusing on three fields in Mobility, Energy, and Healthcare, this exhibit will present the latest information on technological innovations in IT and electronics converged with other industries to create prosperous lifestyles and societies.

Venue Configuration



Exhibition Hall 1

Smart Mobility Innovation 2012

HallExhibition Hall 1

Supported byJapan Automotive Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)

Representative of their respective industries, CEATEC JAPAN and the TOKYO MOTOR SHOW are both exhibitions that showcase Japanese technological strength, innovativeness, creativity and the latest technology to the world. Under the joint slogan "Team Technology Japan," this is an event that proposes "a new merging of cars and IT/electronics that will bring about smart lifestyles and the societies of the future."
Please experience for yourself the new future that will be born through the fusion of technology and wisdom.


Exhibition Hall 4Booth 4B65

Green IT Pavilion

HallExhibition Hall 4


Presented byGreen IT Promotion Council

Presenting the latest green IT advances in the "of IT" and "by IT" categories, this booth will showcase the Green IT Awards 2012, and feature actual award-winning products and panel displays.

Exhibition Hall 4Booth 4B64

NEDO Booth

HallExhibition Hall 4


Presented byNew Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

In conjunction with the Green IT Promotion Council, NEDO will be setting up a stage in the center of its booth to present trends in cutting-edge projects, products, services and activities of all participating businesses through demonstrations and other means.

Medical / Healthcare

Exhibition Hall 5Booth 5B122

Digital Healthcare Plaza

HallExhibition Hall 5


Presented byContinua Health Alliance

Advancing the quality of personal and healthcare services, this exhibit will present ICT-based initiatives to link up a range of health and medical equipment with related services to achieve a society in which people will be able to enjoy richer, healthier lives.

Exhibition Hall 6Booth 6C51

Digital Health Theater

HallExhibition Hall 6


Presented byDigital Health Online

This exhibit will present a variety of on-site medical and healthcare needs to people involved in the design and development of related equipment. From a number of viewpoints, the presentation will identify the technological elements and business models that will be required in the future.

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Japan's technology manufacturers are a great team. We are a strong team that has led the world in technical prowess. Now is the time we must combine ever more strength, pool ever greater wisdom, and create ever more innovative technology. The greatest leaps forward come at times of greatest crisis. Team Technology Japan The creations born of this great team will uphold the future of Japan and move the world.

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